Version 22—Android DL issue

Anyone else having problems with downloading the update on android platform…I tried all the known solutions any help would be greatly appreciated…if I uninstall the app will delete any content

If you have too little free space, the app won’t download properly. That is the most likely problem that I’m aware of.

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Yeah I wish that was it…I have 35gb in space left

Pretty sure it’s not THAT big a download…

Here are the steps SG recommends. Hopefully, something in there will fix the issue:


Thanks I figured it out…it wasn’t any of those fixes…but somehow during the download process it turned on my auto update and all apps were updating in ABC order once I shut that down we were good…thanks so much again


You’re welcome. Sorry I couldn’t be more help, but I’m really glad you figured it out :slight_smile:


@Topher2169, sweet to know your issue was resolved. Sadly enough, my android isn’t updating even with the suggested fixes, NEXT?

The issue is with your Google play…turn off auto update and manually update the app

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