Version 18 Release Notes



Status (Monday, 14 Jan, 12:30 PM UTC): We have now released the update for both iOS & Android, and enabled Hero Classes!

  • Hero Classes added.
    • Each hero now has one of 10 classes: Barbarian, Fighter, Wizard, Cleric, Rogue, Druid, Monk, Ranger, Sorcerer, Paladin.
    • Each class has its own talent skill.
    • Hero Talents activate when the hero is fully leveled up.
    • Hero Talents are upgraded in the hero’s Talent Tree with Class Emblems.
    • New Class Quests added.
  • Smaller Fixes and Changes:
    • If a hero is fully leveled up but their Special Skill is not, the chances for Special Skill level up are quintupled.
    • You can now select the color of your VIP dragon if you have unlocked multiple dragons.
    • Changed the Status Effect Icon for Mana Generation Debuffs changed back to the original one.
    • Lucky Nine can now dodge Mok-Arr’s damage to all allies.
    • Fixed a bug where an enemy cast their special on themselves when all heroes were dead.
    • Fixed a bug where Spirit Link activated for heroes when Mitsuko’s Element Mirror was also active.
    • Fixed a keyboard issue with iOS devices.
    • Fixed a bug where Victor was able to steal healing despite Perseus’ Deep Wound.
    • The health that Victor steals is affected by the heal modifier of his troops.
    • Fixed a bug where Mitsuko’s Element Mirror prevented dispelling buffs.
  • Alliance War improvements and changes:
    • War Chest participation no longer resets when leaving the Alliance. It now resets when participating in a war for another alliance.

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