Can someone please explain new quest Trials of Strength

I just received new quest Trials of Strength. The first mission state is Easy, and it says recommended hero power is 2500. When I go to enter it is like that of going to war and says I need to pick my hero’s. But when I go to choose them, only 3 of my heroes are shown to be available to fight and their power barely equaled 1114 together. All my other heroes were blanked out and said I wasn’t able to use them. If the recommended power for that quest is 2500, why am I not able to use any of my heroes to meet that power? Even my best team of heroes only power at 2400. Needless to say, I got my but handed to me on a silver platter when battling with only 3 heroes at 1114 power. Can someone tell me please if I am missing something or what it is that I may be doing wrong to try and be able to complete these quests. Thank you

You can only complete this quest using heros that are part of one of the 2 classes that the quest pertains to. So, this one was either fighters or barbarians.

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Search the forum for class quests to learn about them.

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I had to use battle items such as axes, bombs and potions for my heroes to survive.

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I thank you all very much for your replies and help. I’m still a little confused so I will take the suggestion of reading up on classes. These are my heroes and the other pic is the only 3 heroes I was allowed

Thank you for you help. Very much appreciated

Thank you. It looks like I really need to do that. I appreciate your help

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These are some good sources for clearing up any confusion.

First read the most recent update notes:

Then read SG’s introduction to the hero class system:

Lastly, Mariamne’s excellent thread is very helpful. Read the first few posts.

It visually organizes which hero is in which class. Shows what the new hero quests coming out will be like and which hero classes are allowed to be used in each one.


Hello everyone, I am new here and therefore not sure if this is the right place for my question, but I have a problem. I have heroes at a maximum level where I do not show the talent grid, why can that be?

The heroes have to be at max level and their special attack has to be maxed as well before you can access the talent grid.

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Are the specials also maxed?
In case of a NO than you need to max the special skills first.

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Here’s with access to the Talent Tree have the class icon in the top left of their thumbnail. It looks like Skittles, Boldtusk, Bane, Azar and Graymane qualify.

Open the card of one of these heroes, a Talent Tree button should show at the bottom:

Which opens the Talent Grid control screen:

I think this is a good twist in the game. Can only play heroes belonging to that class.
The problem for me is that as a farily new player with an unfinished main team thats is being slowly built this adds another source of heroes to feed. So I have to juggle between continue to feed my main team or share the feeding heros among a bigger array of teams.

Thank you for your very helpful directions to finding out more info. Much is appreciated

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