Vengeance of the Phoenix is recuiting! Seeking new active players

We are Vengeance of the Phoenix, an active alliance looking to grow. We’re seeking new, active members, 1800 trophies and above.

  • We hit Titans daily, we’re currently attacking 6* Titans.
  • Opting into war is not mandatory. Minimum 3000 TP war defense plus 30 heroes to opt in.
  • War tank colour rotates every 3 months.
  • We always use all war flags.
  • International alliance with friendly members from all around the world.

We’ve been playing together for over two years and we are chatty. Lots of help and advice is always available from the team whenever you need it.

We’re open to individual players joining us. We’re also open to a group of players joining us and merging into the alliance. Come check us out!

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