Vela – 5* Ice/ Blue - January 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month)

I have Isarnia at 3/70 and now Vela… i have 6 scopes waiting to be allocated but not sure who will get them. I really struggle to think of slow heroes more worthy than fast heroes… with mana troops Vela is going to fire many more times than Isarnia. Will get Vela to 3/70 then make a decision…

That’s a rule for artists at SG. If you don’t give her cleavage, you gotta have her clothes open somewhere.


I wonder why they can’t do that for Mother North.

A lot of modern game care more about aesthetic than functionality… Who would wear plate armor like Elena (no costume)?

I like Vela cool hair better than torn trousers.


The sexiness of some of the characters is fine to me, but the almost ubiquitous large breasts/cleavage is kind of insulting. If you were targeting teenage boys fine, but this is a casual game that skews towards an older audience. It’s OK to have some sexy characters and some warrior types, not everyone needs gratuitous cleavage.


Fortunately, Vela is fine compared to Isarnia who even use that kind of clothing in snow…


I’ve updated the Status Effects guide with Vela’s water damage.

Note that it stacks with all other existing DoT in the game.

@zephyr1 has linked @littleKAF’s excellent guide on DoT already :slight_smile: See the link in this post for more information on how DoT works


A player sent me a couple right after she maxed her and put 11 nodes on. Good support hero.


Vela with 12 talents (we have to see her against fire heroes)


Whatahell is this matchup even D: But yeah well, still unimpressed, with these many talents 250 dmg to all, and 85 DOT… and that on defense with the stat boost.

She’s not going to be impactful. Perhaps as 4th-5th choice to a blue 5 stack, if there’s nothing better at hand, but seriously, with so many fast/avg speed blues available that are actually decent and have some key utility, I fail to see it…


Not advocating that she’s great or anything, think she could have been tweaked a bit to be a bit more powerful but I can see solid use on defense and offense - on defense she could be tough with say, BK and Zeline and on offense, frida and lepus with her would make for a formidable 3 stack. Hope I snag her during guardians, she’d be a contender for my scopes. Also for reasons that don’t matter at all… as an Aquarius, her water symbol makes me want her.


Feel like I should at least backtrack a bit (just slightly though) because after I posted last night, I went to chuck the rest of my EHT in (I had 2 left) after getting Buddy about a week ago, thinking I will see if I can get Rudolph. Then not surprisingly, RNGesus gave me Oberon and Ishhtak for the summons, but gave me Vela after from the Ishhtak pull. This now makes 2 HoTM on my roster (the other was Frida that came from 100 Atlantis Coins). Coincidentally both Ice heroes.

Regarding the design, felt what she was wearing might have been a swimsuit/bathing suit underneath her vest/sash/trousers and her overall design seem to remind me of an Ama (海女), which roughly translates to Fisherwoman, a profession involving diving to hunt for lobster, clams, abalone, etc. using light / minimal or no diving equipment and often armed with just a spear / harpoon and of course fishing nets. With modern technological advances, wet suits are now involved in the still-in-existence profession. But the notion here is the light/no equipment.

Typically, when there is a part of a character’s body become intertwined with the elements, it might suggest there is some deity or a demi god type back-story with the character. In the case of Vela, it is her hair, and rather than anything lavish/extravagant/celestial on her outfit (that you might see on a goddess), she seem to garner a straightforwardly simple and almost innocent outfit. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had once been a mortal fishing village girl and might have one day lost her life at sea and somehow made into a minor deity through her lingering spirit or some divine intervention. Many minor and semi-minor deities arrive this way in mythological references in Asian cultures.


I just saw Anchors new video and he graded Vela with an A at most game fields and he said he will give her emblems too.I dont say he is right or wrong i just leave the info here.My personal impressions are that i like her,i think she is more impactful than people think and i will level her


Did a 10x pull to try to get Santa and MN…got Santa and then Vela, but no MN.


I used my stash of 56 EHTs, trying to get Mother North (about 15% chance to get her with 56 tokens). I did not get MN but I did get Buddy on my 22nd token, and Vela on my 50th token.

I had 7 scopes and enough feeders so I ended up maxing her. I could have used the scopes to max Thorne, a second Magni, or a second Isarnia but I wanted a bit of variety.

So far I am quite happy with my blue mono team, Kiril+6, Magni+10, Isarnia+10, Frida+12 and Vela. Vela’s damage is not that high but the DoT keeps those annoying reviving fighters dead.

I will start embleming Vela but I’ll probably not strip emblems from Horghall.


I look at the character art like they were glamour shots. I wouldn’t expect Sartana, or Natalia to actually show up on the battlefield looking the way they do. And if Athena makes things come up for me, (I’m a widower and she reminds me of my beautiful wife) or anyone else, I dont think it requires a beat down. Vela is attractive without trying to be overtly sexy, or savagely fierce.
I might be able to pull her during Teltoc or Atlantis, but I already have good blues waiting at 3/70 (Miki and Athena) and a few good ones that have yet to be developed (Richard, Isarnia, Thorne, Valeria, Boril)
I won’t get crazy pulling for her like I did (unsuccesfully) for Evelyn and Alby at Atlantis earlier.

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With Vela on my main, I can finally create the group known as “Adisty’s Angels”


Thanks for posting the video. That was a nice raid for you.
It was nice to see Vela’s special in action, but it would have bern nicer to see how it worked against a Fire hero, with burn damage over tune


Vela represents the sails of the Argo Navis, the ship on which Jason and the Argonauts sailed from Iolcos to get the Golden Fleece. The ship was named after Argus, the shipwright who built it. It was said that the ship was constructed with the help of the goddess Athena. Once the expedition was a success, Argo was consecrated to the sea god Poseidon and then turned into a constellation.


Adisty, I hate to break this to you, but your right “angel” is… a bear :confused:


Made the exact same mistake with the exact same hero. Now we both get to pull for him this month in Atlantis. Good luck!

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