💂 Vanya- 5* Fire / Red from Garrison Guards

Lucked into a red monk 5 star to go with him. Absolutely love this hero


Added slightly larger image

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Am I the only one here who thinks his skill name is so bizarre? I see no connection at all

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Yes, i agree… not relevant in meaning… better will be: blow of a miracle, blow of magic :thinking:

Like what does anything on him, lore wise, skill wise or appearance have to do with the phrase ‘sense of wonder’. This is quite literally the most random skill name slapped on a hero

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The problem is in contrversa between his appearence and his special skill… looking like warrior but is a healer… wise, miracle, is okey… but logicaly must be two words of description and one of them action like: hit, blow, spell, think others… sence is not fully clear what is this in action… non confirmance

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The card has him staring at a butterfly which suggests that he has maybe some sort of attention deficit going on. That would suggest the wondering I guess. But even then this is stretching it too far

This is the definition of ‘sense of wonder’

Does he look like someone who delves into a sense of wonder? That’s why I think it’s just an attention issue for him

I would like to know his skill animation though


I saw its animation, I tested it, in fact, there is a drill involved, as far as I remember, it drills something absolutely does not boil down to the fact that there is some kind of feeling of miracle here… :screwdriver:

@PlayForFun The card description has been updated with the word “safely” cleanses.

I think this is a wonderful addition. Love it!

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Safely? That actually tells me less about what’s going on

when you click the arrow it gives the explanation, “safely cleanse bypasses secondary effects, such as damage on removal, from the removed status element. external effects such as passive skills and family effects can still activate”

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Don’t know why they want to change it, it was a direct and clean cut description. Needing to access it through the info tab now is BS

I think it’s fine, if they write everything clearly there should be less chance of any misunderstanding.

Thx, I have added it to the OP.

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At lvl90 +25

Love this guy and his pet Pig


Vanya is not possible to destroy. It is an unfair battle!! 6 of our teams were destroyed with 0 points during war. Please balance it. Where can I complaint about it!!!

Thats a big ol minion

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how far up did you bring him? 90-20?

Yes, he is at 90- 20 definitely in consideration for the 5 extra nodes at some point tho

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