'Upgrade Stronghold to build more of'

As a new player it would really help when I click an empty lot and the building selection is grayed out with it telling me "Upgrade Stronghold to build more of this type of building’… if it would tell me what Stronghold level is needed to add more.

Yes I know that info is probably buried in forum posts somewhere, but it could be way more user friendly to just list the level on the screen.

“Upgrade Stronghold to level 17 to build more Training Camps” … etc.

To answer your question regarding what stronghold level gives more of which buildings:

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Thanks for the info.

This was posted in the Feature requests category though to maybe get little features like this added into game info screens so ppl didnt have to go hunting for it on the net.

As a newer player it would be appreciated and wouldnt take much coding to add in.

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I know :slight_smile: was just pointing you to the information for your reference

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