Unfair War matching/ Unequal members

Hey there. Really unfair war matching. We are 15. We face a team of 17 . They will have 12 more flags! How is this possible?

I’m almost positive there are several possible merge opportunities here
@Rook, @Garanwyn, @zephyr1, @Kerridoc

Forgive me if I’m wrong. I “may” be a few drinks deep…”may”


I’m sure there are too, though this is the somewhat less common issue of mismatched alliance sizes, not a generalized matchmaking complaint.

Most of those threads usually end up in #bugs-issues like this one, so they automatically close after 30 days.

It can happen in cases where your War Scores are close, and there weren’t alliances of the same size available for matching.

I’ve seen these sorts of matches turn out better than the “disadvantaged” side anticipated — you might end up winning anyway.

Rally your alliance mates to use all of their flags, and coordinate efforts on team selection and attacking.

You’re facing a hard challenge, so make the best of it for team morale.


Yes , we have a better war score… we have 10 wins in a row since we created the alliance…If we were a full alliance 12 flags would be so scary but on this size is really disappointing… we will try our best either way but its bitter…


Thanks @zephyr1

And I concur. We are a smaller alliance (15) and have faced other alliances +/- 3 teams. I believe SG tries to keep it as even as possible, until you start winning too much, but with so many small alliances I imagine it can become difficult.

We once faced a newer alliance with 3 less teams and they totally wrecked us, or I should say their leader wrecked us. He was obviously a vet with a very deep 4/5* roster. He took out all our toughest D’s like a hot knife through butter. So our extra 3 teams meant little as they were still using 2* and partially leveled 3*. It also depends on how many on the other team actually use their flags.

I’ve learned to look at the opponent’s member list. If someone hasn’t been on in a few days there’s a good chance they are just a meat shield.

Anyway, I wish you luck!!! May the tiles all fall your way.


Congrats on the 10 consecutive wins, that’s a great accomplishment!

And good luck on this one, your coordination in Wars may well pay off again. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ahhh @Danai, after a win streak like that SG usually gives you tougher and tougher opponents. Since you appear to be able to handle them well, I doubt 3 extra teams will give you much trouble. 10 wins in a row is quite the accomplishment!! Congrats on that and hope you are celebrating your 11th shortly

P.S if for any reason you come up against “VoidBringers” please don’t thrash us too soundly. I have a lot of new players still learning…plus I’ll cry :wink: (ok, at least sob uncontrollably)


Well we were 7 players from a previous alliance, so we had strategy and all above level 30… one of us is veteran with 6 awesome teams … But we too have more casual players with lot to learn. Last war was really close and this team seems really good. We we had to lose at some point !

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Did your alliance by any chance have members leave or get kicked after matchmaking but before the actual war, or fail to field a full defense team? Our alliance has run into this a lot lately, and each time it was because of those reasons. I wouldn’t think that finding 15-team alliances would be too difficult, although perhaps at your alliance’s high level it might be more so.

Nope we were 15 , and 15 on field… noone come or leave during matchmaking. Two people join us after the matchmaking end, during preparation time .we have faced really strong opponents with 15 members before…

we had some similar unfair matching a while back but turned out they floated 27 flags which made it an easy win

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