Unfair “random” shield distribution

There is nothing about raids that are fair. Especially when it comes to revenging attacks on your heroes.

Why when I have the superior team does it take two attempts sometime three to revenge? And when I have the inferior team, why do I never get a chance to win?

This has either got to be a bug, glitch, issue or the developers have marked my account because I have never made any type of purchase. I have never made purchases because I want to build and develop my team through time and persistence. What does it say about someone who wins by purchasing the whole way through? To me it is a type of cheating.

I would like to hear from an actual game representative and not from the community, that is if the game developers have the guts to answer me and answer me truthfully. Don’t give me the geek speak about programs, codes and random actions of the game.

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How do you define your team as superior? Hopefully not team power, which means little.

As this is the Community Forum, and is for player peer discussion, it’s not really the best avenue to hear from an actual game representative.

For that, I’d recommend contacting Support through the game, which will put you in touch with an actual representative of Small Giant.

As your intention is not to discuss with players in the community, and this topic has been addressed many times by players and the Small Giant Staff elsewhere on the Forum, this thread will be closed.



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