Ultimate Raid Strategy Tips for the Casual Player

For Kash, you want to take 3 reds and a dispeller. On my alt, I use Kiril, Sonya, Gormek, Lance, and Falcon.


Why do some players say to not use red because he reflects it. They are usually recommending greens against him.

Very confusing to me :thinking:

It depends on the heroes you have. I do the same as @NPNKY, but with. BT, Gormek and Scarlett. If you don’t have Sonya, take Caed and another green. If you have no dispeller, try mana control like Li Xiu.

With an ok board he is often dead before firing special.

He doesn’t reflect it. He just buffs defense against red. With a dispeller, that’s not an issue.

You can also triple stack a neutral color against him (green, purple, yellow), depending upon who else is on the defense team

I’m new at this, how do you set off special skill?

Tap on the target first, then on the hero with a shining border animation around the card in the bottom.

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Thanks so much, I can’t believe I hadn’t used this before!

Thank you for naming heroes I actually have :smile:

Thank you thank you thank you! You are easy to read, very informative, and humorous! I appreciate the info. Again THANK YOU,

This really is a great post. Just reread it. Grats on the quality of what you have written. Thanks for the link. As someone who types too much, I know how hard this kind of post is to write.

Really nice! You rock!

Since I have quite a limited choice of 4* heroes I attack Kashrekk with 2xChao, Little John, Tiburtus and Kiril.

Dump all tiles into Kash until the 2 Chaos are ready and then take him out. I always hope to have lots of green tiles to drop on Kash because Little John once he goes off is just great.

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The trick when Kashhrek is the headpin is to realize that his special is defensive only, and affects only himself and nearby allies. Rather than focusing on killing Kashrek, focus on killing the heroes next to him so his special only heals himself. I do this by aiming as many tiles at Kashhrek as I can in the beginning until I build enough specials to kill one of his nearby allies with just specials. With his nearby allies gone, continue to aim all tiles into Kashhrek (allowing him to continually heal himself) or into open space and kill the other two heroes. Kill Kashhrek last.


Problem with this approach is that Kashhrek heals efficiently and you do less damage to flanks than Kashhrek heals.

I’d say that Revenging is more important than rerolls regardless of the tier you’re in… I find most of the time I get more trophies by attacking, and I can’t lose the trophies gained from revenges from the same attacker (unless they reroll on purpose to try and find me but the chances of that happening are slim). Although of course… revenge within reason. Some opponents you can tell are way too strong.

When I started out in Silver / Gold, I found that keeping a good number of 3star heroes helped a ton. Not many 4stars and no 5stars at that time, but 3 stars are so easy to max out and doubling up on the enemy’s tank with one color can be much more valuable. Once I got a good number of 4stars, I started to feed some of those 3stars I had, but not until I was sure that I wasn’t going to use them at all (even for rare tier of event quests).

The point is that the flanks are not killed by tile damage, you kill them with consecutive specials.

I don’t know what can be done, but I wish I felt more in control when battling in raids. It feels like the board is the only determiner of win or lose; like the game is playing me instead of me playing the game.

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Hi! I think the mods moved your post here because, unfortunately, there really isn’t enough detail in it to make a suggestion that the developers can act on.

At the top of this thread are some really helpful tips on raiding that you might find useful. I’d recommend that you try some of them out.

If, after that, you have some specific ideas about what could be done to make raiding better, I’d encourage you to open an #ideas-feature-requests post on those specific ideas.

Specific ideas, the devs can do something about. General issues they really can’t.

Awesome read, thank you for your time and effort to write this excellent piece of knowledge.

For Kash, you want to take 3 reds and a dispeller. On my alt, I use Kiril, Sonya, Gormek, Lance, and Falcon.

This works for me against Kash, too. I usually bring 3 Reds and 2 Purples - Gormek/Lance/Scarlett (will probably bring Boldtusk along once I max him, I just pulled him 2 days ago…!)… AND Proteus and Sabina. If I can’t kil Kash with tiles, I dispel his anti-Red defense and mana block him, then kill him and his flanks at my leisure. I don’t think I’ve lost to a Kash tank once since doing this (though to be fair, I’ve maxed and emblemed all these heroes).

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Imagine being a child new to the world…touch EVERYTHING.

You will be surprised how much info is available ny touching something on screen and holding.

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