Ultimate Raid Strategy Tips for the Casual Player


Great post. Now how do I beat the Guinevere tank/Alberich in corner teams? :wink:


Not sure I’d go up against that if both were highly leveled. Albericht, because of his revive ability, absolutely HAS to go first unless you can take him out before he executes his special, in which case I’d be going for Guinevere.


Yes, first answer is correct. Run away :wink:


Thank you that is so helpful! I couldn’t understand why I kept getting battered by what was on the face of it weaker opposition. Hopefully I will now have more successful raids by taking your advice!


Excellent scholarship!
Makes me feel like I’m doing something right
One question/comment: what about the Holy mana shrinkers? My butt has been saved by Li Xing more than once, and whipped by her too.


@Kfoag, they are usually beat placed in the rear because their mana grows slowly. I usually don’t target them early and try not to hit them too much otherwise, focusing on the heavy hitters instead. Watch their mana gauges… As it gets closer to full, try to get your specials in before they take away your special. That pretty much renders their attack harmless.

Raids loses

I have a similar raid team – 3 hitters and 2 healers. I do the same thing as you – give the tanks a one-two with Kelile and Magni.

As a defender though, I strongly advise using a healer as a tank. The trouble is that the lead hero is the first target and usually the first to go. They are better off elsewhere where they are attacked a bit and can get off their special multiple times.

I tend to have an easier time raiding when the main healer is also the tank. I’ll focus as much of my attack on the main healer as I can while building my attackers’ mana gauges then knock out the healer before he can get off his special a second time.

(In my defense party my healers flank Magni I on either side and get the benefit of a defense buff when Magni fires.)


This might be a newbie “doubt” but i was under the impression that once i passed the 2400+ cup count i’d stay in the Diamond League… but i’m wrong right ?? :frowning:


1800+ is platinum and 2400+ is diamond;)


Obvious typo :slight_smile:

I meant 2400+


Ah ok now I understand the question. You only get diamond loot in chests when you have 2400+ cups while opening the chest. Whenever your cups drop below that mark you‘re platinum again :confused:


Yeah, don’t sweat that part of it. I wake up around 2300 after being raided and then by the time I finish my raid chest I’m back over 2400 and into diamond. But to be honest, I’ve received decent loot in both platinum and diamond, so I wouldn’t use a raid flask just to get a diamond chest.


This is a really good post. I love helpful topics. I try to write them myself. I might disagree with you on a few minor points, but that is because I am my own player and what works for me may not work for everyone.

With your permission I would love to link my “Raiding in the top 1000” topics to yours. I feel the different takes we have on some things would really help a newer player find their own groove.

Also, you are far less “wordy” than me. I’m jealous. ; )


@Blaaarggle_Blaa please do link yours to mine!

EDIT: Read your strategies. Awesome job! I’m at the exact point to mention – 3500 power, stuck on ascension items, and getting bored and frustrated with raids because I’m not willing to spend the food right now. But, I am building up secondary teams, so I’m starting to get some of the flexibility you have, but still a long ways away.

I’ve added links to your strategy guide in the main post.


What I like about yours is it is for the casual player… and much shorter. LOL Yours also applies to all players, not just top 1000 like mine. Our combined guides are very powerful. I see tactics in raiding (and everting else) as a salad bar. Take what you like and leave the rest. You might come back for something that you missed or thought was not relevant. But there is a baz-illl-a-gilllion was to play this game.

My original idea was to write a guide the length that you did. BIG FAIL… I have the gift of writing a lot, but no gift for brevity.

Work/real life is consuming me right now. I need to look at my posts and figure out where to put your post. It make take me a little while…

Really great topic (hat tip) and thank you


Numerous times players have said that they could target a particular hero with their specials.

I didn’t think that was possible .How do you do that?


You have to tap your desired target and it gain a circle around him.
Then tap on your 100% hero. You will hit the circled foe.


WOW! I’m thankful, but totally embarassed!

I’ve been raiding almost every day since January and am at level 30 (1200 cups). I need to get out more & visit this forum!


Click on the enemy hero you wish to target before executing the special.


I’ve started studying this guide and using it in the wars. Yes, I know I should have started studying it a LONG time ago but since I’m not a gamer and have NO experience at games like this most of information just didn’t make sense to me.

Luckily, even though I’m a slow learner, I’m a willing learner!

Could I ask for the addition of of a tip when Kashreck is used as a tank. He’s my personal nemesis :persevere:

Should I assume that’s it similar strategy to when Boldtusk is tank …