U want more loots 4 ur alliance? Paradise Of Hard Workers has got a very good idea for you

15 of us want other alliances to merge to us and keep thier own rules for their members, ur welcome to stay as long as you want to grow & if ur small alliance join us we both hit higher titans to get more loots so you level up your 4 star & 5 stars hero quicker, u can leave anytime u like, ur new members will have code so they will be part of ur team; also we are looking for active daily players that want to find out many world in this game to make it to the top list because we are. We have most courtesy & dedication, we are very beautiful people with respect & integrity. We offer lots of support, such as videos in Line app that show you how many strategies we use to win wars, how to win against 400 powers than you in raid & how to hit higher damage to titan. Raid match point of views to gain 500 trophies daily till ur defence team can’t gain no more. Our teachings & leadership in time management skills & deep wisdom which offers faster results in all. New players are welcome & it will be ur lucky day to join, please let us know where u heard of us from so we can improve our add for future progressive out look. We are fighting 4 & 5 stars titans, we have 40k alliance score & that is very good in just 2 months, our members are very happy being here & some of them here from the beginning of our alliance has opened. Come join us where beautiful people belong, we are so good of a people that have our door wide open with full trust to ourselves through self confident. Please follow the leader instructions if you are part of Paradise Of Hard Workers alliance members. Our members never kick no one, only our leader does. Bless your heart in all Your doing.

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