Troop training hero acadamy

Hello everyone.
I want to retrain my yellow crit troop level 18 into mana troops via the hero academy. Do I get level 18 mana troops or just a level 1 mana troop?
I can’t find the answer anywhere.
Help is appreciated.

You will get 4* troops at lvl 1


That is a big disappointment. Glad I didn’t make the wrong choice. I will go on with upgrading my level 8 yellow mana troops. I question the usability of HA at this point.
Thx Radar1

Training troops at HA2, HA4 and HA6. Or retrain unwanted epic troop or legendary hero at HA9 and HA10, respectively.


I know what HA can do but the time, effort and materials spend don’t reflect the usage at level 9 imo. At level 1-6 it is well balanced. Thx for your contribution.

And levels 7-10 is not balanced? By the way, balanced for what?

Balanced as in costs and benefits.

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