Troop Inventory sorting low to high - V21 iOS and Android [FIXED in v22]

Since V21 on iOS the troops in my Inventory view are sorting with the 1* at the top and the 4* at the bottom. I’m sure it used to be the other way round (which I would prefer).

The troops view in the barracks are still showing sorting from high to low i.e 4* to 1* as it should be.

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I just noticed that myself. Yes, it was 100% the other way around before this update.

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Nothing major, but troops used to be sorted top down in the inventory (4* first, then 3* etc.). Since the last update, this seems to have been flipped. Doesn’t seem like an intentional change.

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I am seeing the same thing

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@Rook, @Garanwyn, @Kerridoc

I’m pretty sure this can be merged. I commented on an earlier post myself I believe.


Sorry if it’s a dupe thread. I did try searching, I swear :slight_smile:

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No worries @Gunslinger, the search function can be…less than helpful at times?

I also noticed this after the most recent update. Not a big deal, but definitely an annoyance.

I noticed this too after he update and found it at variance with other items of the inventory, troops inventory order is the only one inverted, other inventory entries remain the same in the usual order tiers 4, 3, 2 1.

android too
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I only use the barracks to view my troops, don’t think I’ve gone to the inventory screen more than a few times.

I was about to post this Troop order change in Bugs and Issues, but it led me to this thread.

Would also like to cast a vote to go back to the previous ordering, from 4-star first etc…

Yeah it was weird, the inventory put first the nearly not too useful star1 troops, now you have to scroll through a long length to get to the 2* 3* and 4* if you want to lock down the new ones.

I should think the previous order was better and more convenient having 4* first then 3* etc.

Yay. Looks like this has been fixed in version 22 ( I am iOS). The 4* troops are back at the top.


Now that it is confirmed solved, could it now be closed?


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Probably, though threads in #bugs-issues close on their own after 30 days of inactivity.

So I typically just leave them alone in case someone has an issue still, and if not they get forgotten and automatically close.


oh, that is clearer. Thanks.


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