Troop experience error

When reviewing upcoming troop leveling plans I noticed one was off and had an experience amount that doesn’t seem possible. All troops give 40, 90, 200, 400 experience and all level experience totals end in 0 or 5. Wouldn’t think 999 experience is possible.

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Simple. You’ve fed a troop that was leveled (not just gaining experience but got to a certain level. To what troop and its level it was, you could only answer that. :blush:


If I could remember leveling anything besides my 4’s and the one leveled 3* I took to level 3 and have locked I wouldn’t have posted. It’s entirely possible I don’t remember doing that though and ate an unlocked 3* that had a level or two.

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Well, here are mine:

To illustrate, check the experience point to be gain when I try to feed a leveled troop to another:

I hope you are now convinced. :blush:


Perhaps you leveled a 1 or 2* troop for one of the PoV daily challenges which you had to increase a troops level. I had to pointlessly level troops I didn’t need to complete the task as I didn’t have the food/troops to level one I actually wanted.


Seems to be some kind of bug.
I never fed a leveled troop.
At least a rounding issue.


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