Trainers in summons

I think you should be able to summon trainers on daily summons. I’m tired of seeing aife, Sharon, derrick…at least add into the mix


TBH, I get more excited to get troops from daily summon rather than more feeder heroes.


It does seem to be the same ones every day… But at least they are free. :wink:

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Well yes, trainer heroes would be nice.
But I do not sneer at the free feeder heroes or troops either.

When I get these coins for daily summons, I usually save them for a rainy day; i.e. an almost fully leveled hero. I am always leveling heroes. So when one is almost full … and the feeder heroes still “breeding” in the training camps … then I cash in 20 or so silver coins and - bingo! - my hero can be fully leveled. Yeah! :slight_smile:

Oh, have I ever mentioned that patience is not my most prominent virtue? :wink:

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