Top Players — spend level?

Seriously though. Any of the top 100 want to share how much theyve spent?

@loorts has said he’s basically F2P.

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£2.99, although I’m considering spending another £20.

Wasn’t someone from 7DD also F2P, Haylc?

I don’t think we have anyone who is strictly F2P anymore, the closest would be Boomking. Halyc does spend, not sure how much as I don’t really pay attention unless someone makes a big deal of it.

I never tallied up how much I spent on my main, just wasn’t a number that was ever relevant to me. I’m probably somewhere in the middle of the spenders in Departed, event spending is my admitted weakness in this game that after this month I’m going to address.

Top spenders in this game have spent many thousands; how many of those there are not sure, but for reference leveling 5 x 4* troops to 30 is on the order of $2320 and that at least is a useful benchmark.

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@haylc is F2P afaik

I have spent $1,000,000,000,000.01


With panther and alby? :slight_smile:

Amazingly lucky if so and I believe he was commenting on event rolls yesterday?

@Xero786 you’re not living up to your name Zero :wink:

There’s twelve 0’s in that number. If he has to go past spending trillions, that’s pushing on ridiculous.


indeed :slight_smile: he did get very lucky with those :slight_smile:

Yeap i’m f2p :slight_smile:


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So there you go, spend level is 0-1,000,000,000,000.01, both ends can achieve top positions.
Any more questions?

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What does f2P mean :weary: and what is 20chars? #noobieinthahouse

@GoVegan F20 - Free to play (no money spent) alternative to P2W (Pay to Win)

20chars I belive its the minimum amount of characters this forum accepts to publish your message. It is an anti spam method used in many boards. People just write it down when their messages are shorter than 20 characters.

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