Tome of Tatics


So ooo, like the title says.

Having done numerous wanted missions, titan battles, and challenge events I have not seen one?

Where have you had the good fortune of acquiring this prized possesion?


I got 6 of them, they’re not that rare


If memory serves I got most of mine in Zalthu and the Dragon caves. They also show up in Mystic Vision and the color chests. How are you fixed for Royal Tabbards? Being a pesant can’t grab one to save my soul or ascend Hel. lol


Nah g, I just need sturdy shields and it takes ages to find them


I have Royal Tabards for two of my *5 heroes. Now if SG would introduce an auction house. :joy:


I don’t think that they drop on the world map - assuming this is the ‘general’ 4* ascension item.

I get them on titans, rare quests, even mystic vision. I have 5.


Yeah they are rare…I have 2 :sob:


Contrary to what some have posted here, the Tome of Tactics is the rarest item in the game. Those fortunate enough to have a surplus should thank their lucky stars and go buy a lotto ticket. I currently have Five (5) 5 star heroes awaiting final ascension lacking only the tome of tactics for each one to ascend.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not bemoaning my poor misfortune. I do have the Five 5 stars ready for final ascension when many do not even have that. Not having the tomes has forced me to work on completing the training on heroes that I had ascended but not continued training in the past. I’m getting many 4 stars to Max 4th ascension that had been ascended but not trained and even more ready for Tier 4. If the drought continues, I’ll start building up my 3 star teams. You don’t need tomes for that.


got a tome of tactis on a titan kill! I know it is rare! Have only 2 of them!
Hope they put more rare quests with tomes!!! Today it is time to fish the damascus blade on Farmhold Pass
But same deal here, working on 4* heroas till ascention materials are at hand for 5*
I dont bother too much with 3*
Got a crew of 4* to level up first
But the 3* will have their rise, just not yet!