Title Banners for Players showing Alliance or recruit status

Hi all

Have been thinking it would be a good feature to have banners under avatars as Petri et al do

That way it improves the credibility of leaders and long time players and highlights who the trusted members of an alliance are

This would be helpful for people to see in general chat and would get rid the issue where people who prefer to play alone can’t move in chat without being recruited to all goodness and back

My suggestions would be as follows

Player choice when starting up

Recruit = looking for an alliance once correct level reached
Lone Wolf = doesn’t want an alliance

player can always choose the above options when not in an alliance

Warrior = Standard alliance members
Elder = as now
Co- leader = as now
Leader = as now

These options are set as status is granted within the alliance

I’m aware this is attached to the players ID if the avatar is clicked … but I feel it would increase visibility for recruits and senior players if the status was visible all times in the same way the staff banner shows

I would like for the leaders to have these options:

Member: an ordinary (mostly new) alliance member
Elder: an experienced player
Co-leader and leader: obvious
Titan slayer: for the best titan attack members
War general: for the person in charge in AW
Raid master: for the players with most cups
Banner bearer: for the person responsible for banner messages
Merc: A self switchable status for players going mercing

All above mentioned titles could be assigned to multiple alliance members as it is now.
This would be absolutely cool and fun!

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