Titans Suggestion & Question


Everybody know it:
You try and try but you get a bad Stones only.
Making a lot of damage but the Boss escapes with 30000 Life?
And the Rewards have low Tiers.
Please make the Rewardsystem more fair.

Example: Escaped with…
1-100000 Life
= the Reward Tier will reduced by 1
100k-300k = Reward Tier -2 etc.

The new Update have make Titans more difficult?
I ask Because our 5* Titans fight like 6* .
Every 5* have more than 1M Life and use Skills with Burn , Poison , Weakness or Blind…


We noticed a seeming increase in strength on either v1.5 or v1.6. I think something always gets tweaked.

No worries, you’ll grow and smash them!