[Titan upgrade] HIgher levels and real-time score

Topic has been raised multiple times, but here we go again.

We are a top-1000 alliance (currently around rank 350) and are at our 625th 14* titan in a row. On average, titans are down within the first 10h, because the hardest hitters are withholding on using materials and stopping at 250k to make sure all players have the possibility to hit the titan.
This is causing frustration at high-hitting, active players that have to stop after one or two flags. But it is also frustrating for the lower hitting and less active players, because by the time they have a chance to do their hits, the titan is nearly down.

We really need higher level titans. I even think 16* might not be sufficient anymore; but 15* and 16* would at least allow us to do some decent hits again.

On top, it would really really be useful if there would be a real-time score counter during the titan hits, just like for the Mythic Titans. Not to reach a new record, but mainly to know when to flee and leave the titan alone so you don’t do too much damage…

Why stop at 16? I think nobody should be chaining any titans, just make them open ended, so every alliance can find their level of titan. For some that may be at 15* or 16* titans for others it may be 23* or 35* titans.

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…or maybe made infinite titan stars.
It’s easy to code.
For example:

If titan fight won:

Boom, it’s done!!

This is only my spontan sugestion, don’t take it 100% seriously


I am really wondering why they haven´t done it yet… I am pretty sure it would help selling heroes, if there was actually a use for them. Titan heroes are completely uninteresting in higher alliances where everybody has to LOWER their damage, just to slow down killing a titan. Rather little point chasing heroes that increase damage…

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