Titan is staying at level 1 in our ali

Is it a bug we dont level up our titan whats wrong with it

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Are you killing them?

When you kill a titan, the next one to appear will be more difficult. Sometimes the increase will be in hit points, and sometimes that increase will be a higher level as well.

If you fail to kill a titan and it escapes, the next on to appear will be a lower difficulty, and often a lower rarity.

Yes we killed a few in a row. We took some time because we allow everyone in the Alli to take a hit, but it goes down fast enough.

We are all experienced players used to take 13*/14* titans down together. But these ones don’t seem to grow


Hi welcome to the forum …
When did this alliance start, how many titans have you killed from the op its a 1* correct ?

The titans is my alliance aren’t gaining any ground eith[quote=“TATTOOBERRY, post:1, topic:324786, full:true”]
Is it a bug we dont level up our titan whats wrong with it

er. Is there possibly a bug?

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Hi whats your titan status .

What current titan you are on how many you have killed .

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We’re at a Level 4* … it’s so frusrating. We’ve made it to “V” in the Titan challenge section.

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So you continue to get 4* titans they never get to 5* titan

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I think it’s not just the killing of the titan but how long it takes to kill the titan that determines when you get a harder one. The closer to time limit the titan is killed the less likely the next one will be stronger.

There is also probably a random factor thrown in because … SG loves their RNG.

Interesting. :thinking:

@PlayForFun @Petri Can anyone confirm this?

So very, very true :rofl:

Yes. Sorry, for the delay. I’m still attempting to learn how to post and reply.

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Ok no problem any help you need you can always ask :+1:

Iv forwarded this on to staff to have a look at.

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