Titan chest: 0 damage (enters battle and flee) > loot? chest filled?

They dont use axes, arrows or bombs? Or mana pots? Or tornados?

Plus they would have multiple chances to score something

If a player tries on 5 or more attacks and fails to score even once, they’re doing something horribly wrong

The bug above is about players using 1 flag then fleeing without flipping a single tile or using a single item and being rewarded for it

Dumb thing is that idk any players that would actually do it and would have gone completely unnoticed if a whole alliance didnt do it as part of a stunt to let 1 player kill a titan while the rest still get rewarded

So i dont see it ever being a common tactic as most alliances kill titans together as long as they have more than 1 active member

But i dont see anything wrong with SG fixing the loophole either

Even 1 arrow scores damage. So really there should never be a 0 score if a flag is used unless its a connection problem which is out of the user’s control and SG’s control but again if that happens on more than 1 flag, the user probably should have made sure to have better connection or find wifi or just let alliance know the situation and pass on current titan

I could see someone taking say healing, banner, antidote and time stop (especially if they forget to change after a raid or mission) and then getting a horrible run of bad luck. It’s not common but are people really going into titan battles and not attacking?

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Yes 29 people did it

Fair enough. I was just wondering if it was an issue.

I do know that taking on a titan and scoring zero is humiliating enough on it’s own without then being denied any rewards. You should at least be allowed to claim you distracted it and therefore deserve some of the rewards. I’d support making fleeing from a titan cost you rewards, cause who does that for a legitimate reason?

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I dont understand. Hitting with tiles gives a minimum damage of 1.
Statistically in 90 seconds is impossible to miss all , lets say 30x3 tiles, 90 tiles. IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Being Xmas and all ‘You are a Grinch!’ :smile:

Hitting with tiles scores at least one. But the two columns on the far left and far right miss the titan completely. If you are really unlucky, you might only get vertical tile matches there. Since you have possible matches the game would never shuffle the board (or shuffle it so that only those two columns have matches again).

And since you’re missing the weak spot every single time, you’d get hit every single time.

It’s not something likely to happen to experienced players but for a newbie who has just joined an alliance, I could see there being enough rounds to get them wiped out before having the luck to get a single match.

Will accidently hit the titan… Lol…

What are you describing is neglijable… 1/1.000.000 players will experience that in the 10 years life of this game. Im willing to make that 1 guy ‘pay’ for those many more that are just ‘f***ing’ around and being an @$$. Are you? :stuck_out_tongue:

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