Titan chest: 0 damage (enters battle and flee) > loot? chest filled?

I dont know if its allready > you dont hit the titan, your titan chest aint filled after the titan is defeated

It is already that way. Same way with war chest. If you don’t hit, it does not count it as a participation.


Thanks. I hit so i didnt know. :wink:

Actually it still counts if you flee the battle

A player can click fight titan

Then click flee

Gets loot and chest point

question is: he presses ‘fight’, he enters battle, he doesnt tile and he flees = 0 damage and he gets loot and chest filled?

Sry, I didn’t read it well enough. I believe @Rigs is correct.

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nothing to be sorry > changed the title :slight_smile:

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What about alliance wars? Specifically, when a weaker player goes up against a team such as x/boldtusk/kashrek/rigard/x with field aid on, and all the damage they do is healed away? If they end up using 6 flags and gaining zero points, not because they were fleeing, but because of healers, will they still get credit for the war?

thats another story on another topic; my personal input: as long as he uses a tile he should be counted as participated

Protip: you can flee before the healers get to heal, the dmg you’ve dealt remains. Might not gain much points but atleast not 0.

yup. thats the ideea. especially against healing aid

Why would anyone fight a titan and then run away without hitting it? How are you gaining anything you wouldn’t gain by staying to fight?

Lol it was never brought up before and i have no idea why a player would do it

But players have done it and it works

And they get D loot

I’ve seen D loot give out mats on Rare titans

So will it be a common tactic? No

Should it be an option? No

Bug/loophole should be fixed regardless

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i dont know. but when people dont hit the titan. dont participate in war. then shouldnt benefit at all for just being in an alliance and doing nothing for it.

especially when alliances keep the policy of ‘open’ recruitment and anybody can come and go

there are a lot of ‘douchebags’ everywhere who just because they invest money in their lifes think that they can do ‘dumb’ things and just fool around

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What happened?

20 characters

oh nothing. just pointing out a possible scenario: big rich kid without respect to f2p etc. - i didnt encountered one (in this game), at least to let him have my attention. :wink:

topic was and is: 0 (damage) should lead to 0 outcome :slight_smile: thats all

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topics’ point :slight_smile: ty :stuck_out_tongue:

so i dont know if this is under Ideas & Feature Requests or Bugs & Issues

I’d put it under bugs

Features not working as they should


Sadly, they’ll change their tactics to starting the fight, throwing a tile at the Titan for > 1 point and then fleeing. If they change it, they need to have it based on the fleeing and not points. Just a thought.

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Counterpoint : What happens if by a stroke of amazing bad luck you only ever get matches on the two end rows for 1:30? And all your specials that charge are Boldtusk, Sabrina and Wu Kong! Seems a bit unfair to give someone nothing whatsoever for that.

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