Titan attack energy speed up

A titan energy speed up pack for when your attack falls just after the titans timer. For exampe energie time -1h or -2h

That is already in place with the Titan energy flask. Giving other options to cut the timer would sort of defeat the whole aspect of the 22 hours limit to defeat it.

Players would just load up on the “new energy” packs and flatten the titan out, meaning alliances would be able to punch way above their expected level.

If an alliance can’t defeat the titan in the allotted time, even with the current flasks available, then so be it.

Either they call for help or let it run. Just my thoughts though :slightly_smiling_face:


I think it´s ok the way it is.

Estoinde acuerdo, no veo la gracia en esa energia.Que se maten los titanes con propio esfuerzo asi las alis mostraran su verdadero poder y puntage.

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I used Google translate to understand your post and I agree :slightly_smiling_face:

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Jajaja nonuso corrector, me.gusta escribir a lo loco

Lol. I think I’m supposed to remind you that English is the first language of the forum, but no big deal. Have a great day :grinning:

I mean packs to move your own wait time to -1h and we can earn those packs like the energy flasks now. Not buying with gems

I understood your OP. What I meant is, players would hoard those packs as they do already with the flasks. Another chance to short the wait time on Titan energy would, in my opinion, lead alliances to face stronger titans than they can reasonably be expected to beat.

Not dissimilar to using mercs as alliances do now…they cannot usually defeat the next one either so they get stuck in a cycle of merc/let it run/merc/let it run.

Just my opinion, as when I played, we never used mercs, only standard Titan flags, or flasks on rares. Outside of that, if we were outmatched we would let it go.

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Yea maybe that’s true. It was just a thought that it could be useful at times. Because it feels like a waste to have to use a flask if you had another attack within 1 hour

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Jaja decia que no uso corrector jaja pero gracias por entender

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