Tile moving Suggestion Bug

I had an Bug when i did season 2 1-10 Hard. I was not able to do any moves, but it didnt froze. Strange was that i had an weird tile move Suggestion. Here is a Video after it happened.

I dont know how it happened. Wasnt doing Something Special.

The tile move suggestion is very strange, but isn’t there a possible green match on the far right?

There are other moves possible, but i couldnt. You can See in the Video that i was trying to use Auto Play and Special from Melendor. Wasnt working.

Wow, very buggy

20 char

I didn’t notice the tile move suggestion, but my game just stopped twice on this same level during an auto play. I restarted the game once, and then Fled the second time. Didn’t have a problem on S1, 12-9 when I tried it right after.

I thought it might be a bug from Wilbur’s special, but he doesn’t seem to have cast it in your video.

I did this level again and it bugged again. Something is not working correct with this level. Lost 20 world Energy for nothing.

The same thing happened to me on the same level 3 times. Would not let me do anything. Had to exit out of the game and reload each time.