Tile damage doubled with 2 heroes of same color?

Simple doubt here if i have 2 holy heroes, their tile damage will also double? Cause i score just 1pt for the absent hero so i imagine the color doubled will score respective to the heros, say Vivica and Joon. Tile damage for yellow would be awesome, therefore striking double deck on a dark hero.
Thinking thats the way to go depending on the raid and for titans too of course.

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if you bring multiple heroes of a color, their combined attack power will be used.

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Great to know, more fair too, cause u sacrifice a color to gain on another. Thanx for the info!

As @Dante2377 said, each tile hitting the foe counts as a hit from both heroes. This is why the usual advice is to build your titan attack team with the strong attack color doubled (or tripled), omitting the weak color. E.g., against a blue titan you would omit any red heroes and bring two (or more) green heroes.

(Exception: always bring Wu Kong)


@Elpis posted this interesting example a while ago. 5 blues against a really tough team.

Watch youself.


There’s even the yellow example if you want in the same section with a even wider gap.

I stop testing but potentially i guess you can beat a full 5* team with a full 3* of the same color with a lucky board.


nice one too :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: I tried just a minute ago with a completely undeveloped yellow team in prov 8/7. Works smoothly .

Interesting question. But does it really depend on heroes? Thought the troops you use are relevant. Make it sence then to level up the troops? I mean troops of same color for sure…

Troops add a bonus, but are secondary in importance to heroes. You can get by with good heroes and no troops, but you’re out of luck if you have troops but no heroes for them to bolster.

Thank Paulon. So you would recommend to use a second 4* troop to level up another 4* troop instead of hanging them to a second hero?

I’d hang on to any 4* troops you’re lucky enough to get. They’re rarer than 5* heroes in my personal experience. I still only have red, blue, and purple 4* and I’ve been playing since last May.
An unleveled 4* troop also gives your hero a boost equivalent to a level 10 3* troop, so it’s more cost efficient in terms of food and lower level troops to keep them for a second hero.

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Thanks again Paulon. I am playing over a year now and got two purple 4* troops and one 4* in red. As i could summon a 5* hero only once i don’t think that those troops are so rare :wink:

Trust me, 4* troops are rarer than 5* heros. The reason being, you can train a 5* hero but cant traina 4* troop.

And yes hold on to the 4* troop, you’ll double, triple, even quad stack at some point, so you’ll want those troops


I’m also holding two 3* and two 2* troops of each color for Challenge Events.

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Thanks to all for the tip!

So I am trying to get a deeper understanding. 1. Has anyone done a deep dive on the math of tile damage? how multiple same color hero’s affect tile damage?

Lastly, if i am understanding correctly, same color hero’s attack stats combine for one single tile attack number.

Thanks in advance

It is an ongoing project. It is very difficult to test damage in Empires

( Damage Calculation )

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Yoooo I did not expect such a quick reply. Thank you. And since ur here and have insight into this question.

What are you thoughts about tile damage?

Any theories among you comrades or the community as a whole?

Really appreciate you sharing.

The linked thread has all the math. For tile damage, in summary:

E(Damage) = (100/3) * (attack / defense) ^ 1.35


  • E(.) is the expected value
  • attack is the attack stat of the hero, modified by buffs, debuffs and troops, summed across all heroes of the tile’s color
  • defense is the defense stat of the defender hit by the tile, as modified by buffs, debuffs, and troops if applicable

The key observation to make is that two heroes of one color hit for more than double damage. To keep the math easy, suppose all heroes’ attack stats are 700 and all defenses are 600. Here’s the expected damage of various stacks, and the multiple of the 1-stack damage:

  1. 41 HP
  2. 105 HP (2.6x)
  3. 181 HP (4.4x)
  4. 266 HP (6.5x)
  5. 360 HP (9x)

This prediction doesn’t quite match observations; extreme stacking doesn’t yield quite as much benefit as shown above, but it’s still the case that both the slope and rate of increase (first and second derivatives) are positive, so extreme stacking deals the most damage…if you get the tiles.

There have been long discussions in the linked thread about whether this bias towards deep stacks is sound game design. I argued that the summation should occur outside the exponent, i.e. calculate the damage from each hero separately, then add. Others have gone further and argued that two heroes of the same color should deal less than the sum of their damage.


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