Thunder Unicorn Reflects Mindless Attack

When using Zocc on a Thunder Unicorn, the mindless attack will “reflect” when the unicorn attacks itself because it’s blue on blue. I kind of get that logic; however I feel it is incomplete as it does not reflect anywhere.

In my opinion of logic it should reflect upon itself and cause damage to itself since it is the one attacking, just as if a blue hero tried to attack it and receives the damage it tried causing.

The other option would be to reflect the damage onto Zocc since he originated the ailment. But since he is not blue, it would not be logical to reflect the damage onto him, in my opinion.

Therefore, I feel that the Thunder Unicorn should incur damage when it mindlessly attacks itself by receiving the reflect as the attacker of itself.

In addition, to oppose the logic that blue reflects blue and no damage will occur, I would contend that this ought to be similar to riposte in raids and wars. If both the attacker and opponent have riposte, the reflect only happens once and damage lands on the attacker. It does not elicit an infinitesimal loop of reflects that never cause damage.

You may delete or remove this post. I attacked again and there was both reflect and damage. I may have missed it the first time. Or maybe Wu Kong made a mindless attack miss? Either way, no bug to report. Sorry to waste any time.

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