Thunder Storm

Thunder Storm has the best up and comers in the game. We range from top players to newer players looking to grow. 10 and 11* titans active daily use all war flags. No time restrictions on when to hit. Just do your best and help us grew :-). Message me on line at leshukc or join us at Thunder Storm. Look for panda as the leader.

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I see you pay in :smile:s and donuts (no emoji so :cake::pancakes::cupcake:) - Original idea. :heart:

Want to come join :slight_smile:

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Shucks, I’d be tempted but I’m happy in my home alliance thank you. GL.

Well if you ever change your mind let me know

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Currently 2 spots remaining.

Yep… We rock, hard! :smiley:

And yes, we pay in :donut:s. Lol

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