Thinking about cannabalizing Chao

Chao was among my first 4* heroes. I was raising him along with Grimm, Sabina and Scarlet . Then LJ filled in with Renfeld to make a team. They left Valen and Gunnar behind. Then I got Natalya follwed by Wu and finally Leonidas.

My 4s were being levelled evenly until I decided to fast-track Wu. Natalya is progressing a bit slower, but a nice group.

Now I am in the mood to winnow.

Leonidas is a just slightly larger version of Chao as I see it…soooo is there any reason Leonidas should not eat Chao?

Thanks in anticipation of the usual insightful comments…really, you guys are good.

  1. Feeding a leveled hero is a waste of the resources you put in.
  2. He’s still useful for Intermediate level events where you can’t use a 5*, especially Pirates.
  3. IMO he’s underrated - in so far as he’s simply an unexceptional generalist in comparison to the other yellow 4*, which are all good in their own specialised roles, but not so hot for outside that role.
  4. Alliance Wars apparently is going to have a restriction such that each hero can be used once only in a given contest. Getting rid of a leveled 4* with that coming up is hasty.
  5. The general wisdom is to never throw away a 4* or 5* hero because the devs have been known to adjust them if necessary. It’d suck if a day after you feed Chao to someone else, he gets revised positively.

Hope this helps.


The real question is: is there a reason to level up Leonidas?


No. Alliance Wars. Keep every 3/4/5* Hero you have till you see how that plays out.


Okay, I’ll keep him for now. The only reason being the unknown alliance wars. And that is only out of deference to my alliance.

I do respect the opinions given, and thank you all.

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In addition to what people said, Leo and Chao are roughly stat equivalent at 4/70 for chao and 3/70 for Leo, but chao is fast and leo is only average. Like mentioned, the more leveled heroes you get up to 30 the better you’ll do for alliance wars.

also for challenge events, you can’t use Leo in intermediate. Having multiples of a given color is often a good/best strategy.


Keep heroes. Storage space is cheap, and you never know when the devs will rebalance and make mediocre hero worthwhile.


Feels weird hijacking my own thread, but…

I know from reading past posts that there were changes to heroes; however, that seems to be ancient history.

Any hero which has survived from the storied 1.5 rev until now likely is safe from dev-inflicted mutation.

If it does happen, the shoulda-coulda-woulda posts will fill this forum…while I will have moved on.

I see little upside in eating Chao and a lot of downside. What do you gain? Experience that can be matche by, what, four or five 1* feeders? And a hero slot? These are cheap to come by.


I agree. Also, I’ve grown affection to my first non-Bane 3:star: and 4:star: hero (Graymane and Wu Kong) and I’ll neven ever think about made it into fodder for other heroes.

Q “what do I gain” is fair. My answer is Chao has become extraneous since Wu attained the same tile-strength. He is now a wasting asset.

Leonidas reaches that same strength if he consumes Chao. That gives Chao a value as an asset.

I get back a diminished value considering what I “spent”, much like trading in a used car.

If he were not a smaller version of Leonidas, I would not be at this point.

Your dice

You frequently want to double or triple up on certain colors in many situations. That makes chao quite valuable in your situation. Chao is not extraneous. Not sure what “asset” he’s wasting. You will literally not get much more xp for eating him than you will get from an hour of backpack farming.

But go ahead, ignore every single experienced player that’s told you it’s not worth it. it’s your game dude. You totally know better.

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I know I am challenging accepted widom here, but just my nature to quote the scorpion.

I have not done the deed as I take things said and process them.

My hope would be a different yellow.

Really, I have paid attention…not ignored…argued.

It is totally your game to play how you want to. But…Let’s take a quick look at him, maxed:

  • Chao is Fast mana.
  • Chao has more or less decent HP
  • Chao is a cannon/mana-reducer, of which there are few in the game. (Think of a pinpoint LiXiu)
  • Chao has a Hawk, and is a snappy dresser :grin:

Seriously, with Alliance Wars coming, I would hold onto every 3/4/5* hero you have, especially if you have leveled them.


Rook, thank you for your input.

I have mentioned I was levelling Chao and Wu before Leo arrived. The 4*s are both T2 with Chao l39/Wu l32. Leo has been getting scraps so he is T1 l35. If I feed him Chao (pun), Leo goes to l42 which is where he passes Chao in tile strength. Yes, his mana is still average, but if both were fed the same from here on Leo remains stronger. Also, the ascension mats would, I think, be the same.

As far as AW goes, the hints about what we might need may be causing players to change their games, unless they are top 100 with every hero. Rumors are bad unless there is a wink and a nod meaning you got the goods.

Chao and that aggressive pigeon are straightup Red Cliff.

BTW your card of Chao may be are previous rev unless the card changes his special as he is levelled up. Mine says 295 where yours shows 305 damage. Is it possible your card shows a different maxed strength.

Thx, again

I pulled the Chao card directly from the Summon tower (maxed level, 8/8 Special).

The hints on AW do not state you must have 30 maxed cards, though I suspect a maxed card will be more valuable than one at lvl 1. Most players do not have a full deck of maxed cards, and the matching mechanism ought to match you with someone closer to your own lvl.

For comparison, I’ve been playing since April…today I have:

  • 1 - 5* Maxed, 8/8
  • 6 - 4* Maxed, 8/8
  • 6 - 3* Maxed, 8/8

That’s 13 maxed cards. The rest (3-4*) range from lvl 1 to lvl 50, Special less than 8/8.

Am I ahead of the game compared to a new player? Sure. Do I have it all together? Nope. (I’m looking forward to AW, but I expect to get my butt kicked.) :grin:


I went back and looked at the Summon gate cards after my last reply, and laughed because the players that complain of getting nothing will be really ticked when they do pull a Chao getting less than advetised. (I think you know who to ask about this, and I am asking pls do.)

I began 1/4/18. Been lucky as I have 8 4* and 2 5* in various tiers…Kashhrek and Meledor are practically virgins. This group has been used for maps and raiding mostly, and titans as of this week.

Give me another nine months, and I hope to get near your present level. For now, though, any thoughts of AW would be premature.

Best of luck to you in the wars.

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I would just point out that Chao has indeed been buffed, his special raised to 315%.

I got Chao after Hu Tao and Li Xiu; I stopped both of them at 3:60 because I didn’t think they were with the Orbs. I started raising Chao, but got Wu from TC 20 before I got very far. Once Wu is maxed, I will resume raising Chao unless/until I draw a 5* worthy of ascension. Personally I think Chao is a pretty good option on a Purple Titan, or vs. a double or triple stacked purple defense team as he is Fast, hits fairly hard and reduces mana.

I would rather have Chao than Hu Tao or Li Xiu. Chao has been a very good 4 star for me on all my accounts. I still use him as a third yellow on my raid teams on both accounts.