TheMoonMen Recruiting

TheMoonMen is a friendly bunch looking for active players.

We’re a no-pressure group, however, wars, titan battles, alliance quests, and Monster Island are priority. We do understand, though, that the world does not exist in E&P so we require and give respect for each other’s time and money: it is good to let the group know when you won’t participate, opt out of war when you can’t, and give the group a heads-up if you plan on going incognito for a while if possible.
Speaking of money, it’s not a requirement to spend, it’s all up to you.
Experience is not a requirement. All current members have been playing for over 3 years and are willing to share expertise to help you grow.

Requirements for joining

  • Trophy - 600

  • War tank - Dark, but open to change based on feedback from members.

  • Disrespect, rudeness, and the like are NOT tolerated.

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