The Witchers Vikings are recruiting you

Why us? From all of other alliances, why us?
Give me 5 minutes and I will plead our case:
We are brutally honnest to eachother.
We speak our minds.
We argue and support and we discuss.
We collaborate to get to the next level.
We are The Witchers Vikings and we stand down for no fights, much like the real Vikings. :grin:
We fight with and for eachother… Till there is no one left standing on the opponents side or on our side.
We do so with pride…
It’s not the size of the dog in a fight that matters, but it is the size of the fight in a dog that will make the difference.
We are mostly with People from Europe in the alliance and we all speak English or Dutch.
We use Line to communicate and have fun. We share tips and tricks and discuss our war strategy.
We fight 5/6 stars Titans at the moment, but we are eager to fight next level Titans.
We have sights set on bigger ones for better loot. The only way is forward and that is where you come in…

We need you and your help to get there!
You Will become An instant member of our alliance/clan/family.
You will be treated with the same respect as anyone else in the squad.
You will be welcomed and cheered upon and encouraged to make progress, just like all members.
We do respect the time you spend into the game, but understand that real life is more important than a game. If there are circumstances that you need to be offline or cannot perform for a while? We do understand and respect completely. Just give the leaders a heads up.

So why us? I tell you why…
We are in this for the long run.
We are committed and we Care for eachother.
Right up for the latest members who joinen in at the beginners level a little while back… We are equals and that separate us from the rest.

We are welcome you: If you are an experienced player, intermediate or a beginner… We await your arrival @ The Witchers Vikings.
To wrap it up… Why us? WHY NOT US?
Give us a try… It will be the best move you will make in the game and you wont regret :wink:.


Great recruitment add, one of the best I have read for a while.


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