The Unholy Grail Recruitment

Do you hate having to hold your tongue for fear of being judged? Look no further!

Do you make sure to use all of your war flags and titan flags as necessary? Look no further!

The Unholy Grail is looking for dedicated players who are over 21 and have a defense over 3800. We are serious about war so having 4+ war ready teams is necessary.

We aim to provide a fun space to compete in the top 300 alliances and earn the coveted ascension mats!

Contact ender208 or Frenchcraghack on line to open a recruitment conversation!

See you soon,


Less than 6 hours until war lockout! Hurry and contact us so we can get you in and earning precious asc mats with our fun and no-filter group!

War opponent down and still in need of a heavy hitter to help The Unholy Grail continue to advance!
Message ender208 on Line to get started with our quirky and occasionally irreverent alliance!

War prep has started! Don’t miss the next one. We are serious about being competitive but have some rowdy fun. We understand real life comes first and all we ask for is communication!

We have a member taking a break! Now is your chance to join The Unholy Grail and help us keep taking down 9-10* titans and be aggressive during War!

Line ender208 for more details or questions!

1 spot still available. Please put me out of my recruiting misery… Please…

Also were a lot of fun. Totally worth it.

But mostly the misery thing…

Closed as older and a duplicate.

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