The Problem with Mythic Titan

Mythic Titan is retreating and I’m looking at the loot received, top teams and heroes used in them, and want to make a few conclusions, please let me know if you agree or not.

  1. If you have missed double-Pengi, Franz or Hammertusk you’re wasting your time.

I spend money on the game, not whale-amounts, but monthly, and frankly too much. Like if you buy the latest console game, you buy it once, not every month, twice when in a month if you tilt a bit. You get the ballpark figure. I have a good roster with nice amount of the newest monsters, but by no means not all of them and when I do get one it’s not like double limit broken on my roster the same day.

So for me, as I have lucked out on getting the few most suitable heroes for MTs I can get to top 5%, but no amount of battle mats will get me higher.

By design I find the MT therefore flawed. I of course understand that not all rosters are alike and there has to be ones that perform better etc., but here I feel like I have great heroes from multiple different portals, many heroes of the portals you get the aforementioned heroes from and can compete in all tournaments and events just fine. Won’t be in top 1% most of the time, but I have a shot if my luck holds and I’m willing to spend the mats and time. With MT there is no way, no board lucky enough, not enough Scrolls of Alteration. Because I missed the very few ones you really need to compete.

  1. The loot received is very lackluster.

At top 5% where I was you get a few emblems, but that’s pretty much it, of worth anyway. From other events you get event coins and get to make 1-2 pulls if you play it through and land in the top 5% category, but not here. So, considering the effort and the amount of mats you need to splash out, it’s not worth it. As an event design this is another flaw, imo. I’m always left disappointed even if I’m content on only reaching top 5%. At that level you should get coins to make a few pulls, some small or medium aether’s and a shot, at least, to get 5* aethers and the occasional Alpha aether.

  1. The usage of mats is not on par with what you get.

This is pretty much already covered in the other points I made, but still this is a separate issue, I feel. I gather a lot of materials before events from Atlantis Rises, titans, and others to have enough to get me by for example Mythic Titans. And as the time available for the attacks is a lot longer and there are a great many attacks to be made, you end up spending a bu77-load of “expensive” battle items in the MT event.

So, that’s my take-away from the event and why it is pretty much the only event I do not mind missing, the few occasions I have. I am depleted of resources afterwards and never feel like I get much out of it.

What do you think? Pick one and/or comment below:

  • 1.1 Yup, it’s only for the select few with the right heroes
  • 1.2 No, it’s as “fair” as any event
  • 2.1 Yeah, the rewards are weak
  • 2.2 Nothing wrong with the loot
  • 3.1 Absolutely, it takes too many battle items
  • 3.2 No, I don’t find mat usage a problem at all
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I don’t find mat usage as a problem, cause I don’t use any mats om MT. I don’t have good enough heroes to even try for top results, so I don’t really care, I just do 12 attacks with what the board gives and take any loot I get.


My main problem is that with EVERYTHING ELSE going on, it’s just a slog. I enjoyed it when it first appeared - it made a nice change, it was fun and the rewards felt worth it. But now, with the additional events, challenges, quests, titans, farming, war… and a distinct lack of items - using my 12 flags was just going through the motions. Especially with a challenge event last week and one this week…

I know I don’t have to use them, but I do like the emblems.

I’d make it 24 hours and 6 flags.

RE: your questions - I do think the top 1% tend to have the same heroes (Pengi / Glenda / Hammertusk et al) - and as with the rest of the game - there is a new layer that has been created between the P2P/W and the rest.

So as with everything else - do it if you enjoy it, don’t if you don’t - but nothing is going to change unless people stop taking part or spending on the titan bundles.


In terms of loot and finishing in the top I find this is no different from the other events. They all give me participation awards.

Wish people would stop assuming that in order to have fun you have to be in the top 1%.


It helps if you have at least one Pengi

My best hit was with this team:

No Franz. No Hammertusk, just one Pengi!
1% best hit, 1% overall damage, top100 Alliance.

Used items:

Some 40 Scrolls of Alteration
Some 40 Hurricanes
Some 20 Super Mana potions
Some 20 Mana potions
Some 15 Turtle banners

This was the loot:


No, I said I was content with 5%, but the rewards in the event are not worth it.

That’s awesome, with a team power of 4400. Clever use of heroes, well done buddy :+1:

I’m not sure where this is coming from. If you’re saying this about getting top leaderboard spots maybe, but that’s not what I’m going for. I got top 1% with C.Viv - Jackal - Melia - Joon - Inari. Not exactly a star team. I think people assume they have to have a top team to do well.

All loot in the game is lackluster. But it’s never stopped me. Free loot is free loot. Why wouldn’t I take the loot. I got 180 emblems this time around. I am happy with that.

The usage of mats is always a bad tradeoff. Challenge events I use mats and don’t get them back. Same with MT. Same with towers. Yet I have more scrolls, hurricanes, and tornadoes than ever before. I mostly use minor mana on my attacks.

TLDR: some folks think they have to do things a certain way (in this event and many others) and you don’t.

My issue with MT is that I don’t enjoy titan hits.


My best hit/rewards

Exactly. I have the same situation.

That is awesome. This is exactly what I was going after with this post. I think I might have rushed my attacks a bit when a bit more planning would have seen better results.

No, not really, the MT event loot is. No aether’s, no coins. Emblems and mats is just blah.

Again, don’t concur, you use farmable mats to get unfarmable rewards, that’s a good tradeoff. Emblems are unfarmable I guess, but that’s not anything to throw your hands up and dance naked around the house about.


that’s amazing! congrats! could you share what items you used?

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Solid post. I like to compete and attacking the mythic titan is fun. However, after the event I think to myself that I used 10 hurricanes and 20 tornadoes for some pretty weak loot. Sure, we all like to impress ourselves with high scores but compared to other events in the game, this could be the bottom of risk vs. reward. And yes, worse than the time sucking towers.

I hope this post reminds me of the next titan not to us a lot of items because frankly, you rarely get quality loot.

I can’t vote cos I dumped MT as an event in my game calendar. I only use 1 flag, and score zero, to determine the lowest rank possible.

Lost interest in accumulating avatars.

I get more emblems from watching MV with zero effort, compared to slogging it out in MT.


Just curious, are there rewards for participate and 0 score? Or is needed minimum 1 point?

Thank you! Every mythic titan I equip my best team and use hurricanes, scrolls, tornadoes. Sometimes the fourth item is mana. Sometimes it’s time stops.
More often than not I get too 1% in individual attack and if not top 5%.

That attack then makes it easy to get top 5% total damage, even if I don’t do all 12 attacks.

Luckily my alliance gifts me more battle items than I need each MT. I also don’t use hurricanes and scrolls anywhere else so I always have plenty to use.

As for attacks 2-12 I generally use revive scrolls, arrows, axes, and minor mana.

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Yes. Still get the lowest tier rewards for all 3 categories.

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thanks, really helpful :smiley:

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