The Honorary Society of First Banefeeders


For many players Bane is their first 3 star hero (from the summoning tutorial). Veteran players could tell you he’s one of the best 3-star heroes. Alas, many of us feed him to level up another hero before they learn of this.

If you fed your first Bane, you’re invited to join the Honorary Society of First Banefeeders. All it takes to become a member is to share your story below.

I’ll go first :wink:

I fed my first Bane to my first 4-star hero, which happened to be yellow: Wu Kong. At the time that didn’t look like a bad idea, Wu’s level increased nicely and the % chance at increasing the special wasn’t shabby as well.

And a week later my first event happened and all I could field on beginner level for yellow was a 2-star. I couldn’t finish the final level and it wasn’t for lack of trying. If only my first 4-star had been any color but yellow, I might still have that first Bane.

It left a trauma. For AW I already have 3 Wu’s, 3 5-star yellow heroes. For the event a full Gan Ju. And yet I also have a Bane, untrained, but marked as favourite. I’m too scared to feed him to anyone for any reason. He might forever stay untrained, but I’m surely not feeding him anytime soon!

This thread contains horrible stories of players sacrificing valuable Banes, among other heroes. Parental Supervision may be warranted. Players sensitive to hero loss may wish to read no further.

Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."
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Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."
Between a rock and a hard place!
Just things

Every player starts out with, among others, a Bane as starter hero.

Is my memory so bad or is this a recent thing? They’re giving each new player Bane for free? :open_mouth: As far as I remember the first 3* hero I got was Hawkmoon and it was from doing a summon. I’ve been playing for over 6 months btw.


Same here, fed him to Wu kong before knowing how good it was on his weight. (In my defence, it was before the first event take place).

After some months i get my hands on other two Banes.
One is still in my roster, the other (at that time halfway leveled) was fed by mystake on some other heroes.

So i’m a double member :grin:


Let me rephrase that …


Technically, you can only feed your first Bane once. :stuck_out_tongue: But that’s double honors for sure. Welcome! :hugs:


I to an guilt of this very sad crime. I fed him to li xiu though as I did not have a wu at the time ( only got wu in January)
But I went the whole way and fed all my nicely lvld 3* to 4* as they arrived.
Then bang a few months later the events started and I could not do beginner lvl.
It wasn’t until I purposely took a week to lvl my newly amassed 3* in December that I was able to complete beginner. Now having a bench of 14 lvld 3* is a great asset not only for events but they can do some nice damage in AW as well


My first Bane is still alive!
Sorry but I can’t join the society. :slight_smile:


Mine too. But I propose another society of even dumber people:

Those who fed Wu Kong to another 4*.

This was before I knew about events, and I thought I’d never need more than 1 4* yellow. It came down to needing a powerful single shot hero, which Chao is, and he also reduces mana. Perfect healer killer. Plus, I’d run into Wu battling and he caused everyone to miss SO MUCH, and I definitely didn’t need THAT. So, down the hatch and into history.

My alliance still makes fun of me for it. My name has been turned into a verb for doing something extremely stupid. For example: “I really oblivioned THAT raid…”

By the way, also fed Li Xiu the same way. Of course, I had Justice by then, but still…

Between a rock and a hard place!

Everyone gets Bane for free, you always get him in the tutorial of how the summon portal works.

I too fed mine to Li Xiu. Bane 2.0 will be maxed in the next hour or so though, 8 months later.


Dang it, really? :open_mouth: I have been playing since last October and I really don’t remember getting Bane. Can someone confirm whenever free Bane is a new feature or if it has always been there (so I can either be at peace or go & take care of my poor memory :joy: )


Full membership granted! :+1:


Technically, Wu’s and Li’s aren’t Banes. But wow… that’s a tale there! Having one’s name turned to a verb for the act of repeatedly wasting useful heroes indeed! Full membership with triple honors!

LMAO. I bet anyone that can top that will be afraid to post now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome to our growing ranks!

So far, Li and Wu are popular choices to waste one’s first Bane. Thanks for the reminder of how I got mine. I knew he was the first one and somehow sort of everyone had him but I remembered exactly how.


Guilty myself, was excited when I just pulled another one!


Yes, I fed my first maxed bane to Wu (which was my fourth 4* I think), but to my defense, that was way before events started. I fed all my 3s to my 4 heroes… since events started I leveled 2 3* of every colour and bane is among them :wink:


I also have been playing since october and got bane at the tutorial
I also did not feed him to anyone, so not a club member


I also fed away my Bane, to Hu Tao of all people/heroes…and I have regretted it deeply, and have not gotten a new one yet…:disappointed_relieved:


I fed my first Bane to Gunnar. When I was starting out I thought train them together will make the two become much stronger, I didnt caught up yet how things work back then,however after I found my Bane missing only I knew that the other person ate the person that they were train with.quite awhile for me to get my 2nd Bane.


Hello my name is Zero2Hero & I’m here to confess. I to am guilty of the first Bane feeding crime, which has forever scarred me, causing me to be an E&P player with issues.

I couldn’t resist…I admit I was week,
the seductive lure of leveling my first 5* Hero was just too much for a nooby with jack ■■■ skills & no idea WHAT THE FFFFLUFF was going on.
I hope the E&P community will show understanding.

Baaaaane! Ohhooho Bane, WHAT HAVE I DONE.
In order to right my wrong, I have leveled a new Bane, Yes… that’s right,
but I know what your thinking,
How could I ever think that he could ever replace my first Bane. It can’t, & I know that now, And this is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life.
I seek also… Forgiveness.
Waaahahaa haha hahaa…


The legend says that all the Bane’s soul fragments merged into forming Joon.