War and titan loot need to improve to keep up with raid tournament

I’m not suggesting reduce the loot of tournament but improving loots on titan and war. If being good at raiding means you can’t use your best heros, it’s just wrong. You don’t see anybody on the normal leaderboard leading on this, you call them bad at raiding? That’s my point exactly, people that are actually really good at raiding can’t do their thing at the first week of tournament

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I’m good at raiding and i have a bench of over 5 epics for color.
I’m not in the leaderboard, but i’m in the 1% loot tier which is the best, while at day one i was in the 50%-75% loot tier.

I still don’t see your point.

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The purpose of the tournament, in my humble opinion, was to make better use of the full roster of heroes. If you want the tournament to always include the best heroes, the same top names will always be at the top of the leaderboard. That helps only the top 1%. These tourney’s open a part of the game for younger players and f2p to excel. I like that.

I am hoping for 1* and 2* tournaments. Even class restricted tournaments.


You know you got really lucky with matchmaking right?

Class restricted? Sure. 1*? No thanks. Waste of hero slots.


You just got lucky with matchmaking

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Cost Effective leveling

Actually, I would recommend they level a rainbow 3* team before Grimm and depending on pulls, a rainbow 2* team before the rainbow 3* team.

Dream Hero

If I get 5* Delilah, the hero I would literally pay $100 USD for, I still will not level her past 5* 2.60 because I do not have a good rainbow 5* team so it make more sense to concentrate on my second good rainbow 4* 4.70 team or more of my fifth rainbow 4* 3.60 team.

If I got yellow Ranvir ( rumored 5* Wu Kong ), blue Ariel and green Alberich, I would have regretted spending the huge amount of food and 3* / 4* ascension items on Delilah since she needs to be at least 5* 3.70 before she can replace my Wu Kong, Jackal, Rigard, Melendor and Sabina ( really wish Sabina was 4*+7 since we are fighting a reflect red titan with reflect all color damage buff ).

But in the end, most people ignore me because the majority of players on this forum advise them to level their 4* heroes and 5* heroes as soon as they get them. Why should they listen to my single post compared to the ten to twenty advising the opposite? I wonder how many quit Empires because of the huge food and ascension item cost of following this advice of the forum majority?


I feel that this remark is insulting my intelligence and all the hours I have tried to help people on the forum.

Do Not Eat Bane! ( Rigs is most likely being sarcastic )


Class restricted sounds fun, but star restricted I just don’t care at all, would you care to level any 3 or 4 star when you are caught up with leveling your 5 stars? It takes so long

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Yes of course, but i don’t had a soooo much better pairing this time around. It was better, but not so much better.
Teams of mixed 3* and 4* not always leveled, easy wins.

This meaning there’s really a small line to adjust scoring and make people good at raiding (and with better roster) shine.

You people should really relax a bit.

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This time it’s not people who’s good at raiding shine, it’s slow hero with AOE attack shine. It takes no skill honestly, you just need some maxed little john and Colin etc

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I’m stuck in 50-75%, pretty big difference imo… I agree with you that it’s fixable but currently it’s 95% luck.

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You can say the same things for every other thing, titans included.

You are not a good titan hitter, you just have all the elemental defence reducer and use gems to farm and always use tornados!

Your last post was hilarious.


I think class restricted and color restricted make much more sense than star restricted. It rewards people with deep bench and have been working hard as they should be rewarded. It also encourage people to expand their bench because the rewards so nice.

Once you progress in the game getting more and more 5 stars, you use 3 and 4 stars for food, now you get punished for this because you have azlar but feed colen, this just isn’t right.

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Never denied it is too linked on rerolls, on reverse i was one of the first suggesting it.

But as it is right now is simply not real.
In the real event only a small minority of player succeed to win all their fights.

This time almost half (if not more) had win all their battles.
Scoring is simply unreal.


Elemental debuffers are either event heros or hotm, rewarding them are way better than rewarding colen, period. Star restrictions need to stop.

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People don’t get these heros for free, what makes you think your colen deserves better than these hard to get heros that take so much money to get along with time and effort to level? Can we pull out a dictionary and look up the definition of fairness?

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So if i have a Ferrari and you have a Toyota, i have more rights to parking then you, even if you come first?

Your statements becoming more and more interesting as time pass by.


All I hear on these forums is how unfair and greedy it is that people spend so much money and can’t get hotm or event heroes. Now they implement something that makes classic heroes viable, and you complain about it. This is not to say you complained about the lack of heroes. This is to demonstrate that you can’t make everyone happy all of the time.

You referenced how much “work” people put in and they should be rewarded. Titans, events, quests, class trials all reward these people. Better rewards based on what they can complete.

There will be changes to the matchmaking and I believe people with deep benches will do well in these tournaments. I just don’t think they need to be like everything else… Dominated by the top 1%.


Dude your logic has fallen apart this has to be the last post I reply. Well, in reality, my ferrari gets me hot girls while your toyota can’t, this is more comparable to game rewards. People with better heros deserve better rewards as nobody get anything for free. If you wanted too, you need to try to get better heros. This is how things should work.

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And maybe you have to try to be a better player, as with weaker heroes i still get better rewards :wink:

Be happy i don’t have yours, otherwise the difference would be worse.

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I just think class and color restrictions make more sense than star restrictions. The game should encourage people to expand their bench not sit on some 4 stars and be happy about it. Trust me, you lose interest in the game yourself if things are like this.


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