🧪 The Beta Beat (V49) – Legends of Kalevala, Challeng Festival Event, Bard Heroes, Season 3 costumes, 2022 August and September HoTMs-- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

We get 3 new summon portals for every 1 QOL update lol.


SG/Zynga execs looking at all the revenue from all the new summon portals


They think QoL stands for Quantity of Loot.


V49 Beta Build 1 testing is just ended.

There is no information on when the next one will start, but I am expecting another Beta Build today :slight_smile:


Thanks for all your work, PlayForFun, it’s awesome and helpful.

Has the next Beta Build dropped yet? Keen to learn more about what’s coming up and hoping SG share some more with us! :slightly_smiling_face:


It has not arrived yet.
So it means Staff is planning more than 1 more Builds for V49.
A build might arrive today, but we will see.


So eager to know if Solstice Summon is just Black Friday Summon redux. If so, I’m really looking forward to it, since I skipped BF for Challenge Festival last time. Hope that’s in the build that drops today, if there is one.


hopefully, one of these build may provide information on Playing for the Planet.

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I hope too. That is what I have expecting for this week, but we will see whether we get a build or not, and what will be the content.


I’m guessing there was no Beta build yesterday? So most likely one will come on Monday?

A new Beta is arrived today.

  • Balance change of Kalo
  • Slayer of Fell Shadows, Starfall Circurs and Villians are now move to a brand new Challenge Festival event, which new legendary heroes and a new Epic hero
  • Season 3 hero costumes are arrived.

I am starting to work on the topics now


No S1 heroes in the portal?

I don’t understand why… what’s the purpose, why? I’m speechless. They keep changing events and schedule all the time. It’s not possible to know what we’ll have next month. So we’ll have Challenge Festival I, Challenge Festival II and Gorgoyles? It’s so weird…

Nothing to be excited about, no coins, no summons, thank you very much.


So probably in a few months we will see costumes for these heroes.
The power creep is speeding up rapidly…


I actually like this. It’s means the rotation of events will be faster.

Hopefully , there are no S1 heroes, no trainer troops

Topic for the Kalø balance change:

New heroes for the new Challege Festival:
Legendary: Narsica, Phenexa, Rhys, Winifred
Epic: Zhabog

Season 3 costumes:
Legendary: Baldur, Freya, Gefjon, Heimdall, Sif, Skadi
Epic: Gullinbursti, Sumle
Rare: Bjorn, Kvasir


So, it appears that we’ll have, eventually, 2 challenge festivals. One containing the original 5 challenge events, and 5 new challenge events. Im not sure if Gargoyles will be added into the festival at a later date

I can confirm this.
Only Event heroes included.
71% Rare, 26.5% Epic and 2.5% Legendary event hero chance. :smiley:


Oh crap, i use 13pull with my coin to chase kalo… And then this come.

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