Telluria owners compensation

Request to moderator to create a survey of what kind of compensation Telluria owners want to. Below I showed some option:

first option : money back for purchasing diamonds in March equal to amount of diamonds spent for successful pull with Telluria (for example x10 pull with Telluria=2800 diamonds= 28,99 pounds etc.), Im sure the E&P IT guys have strong DATABASE.

second option: give back diamonds for pulls in March for every successful single or x10 pulls with Telleuria plus diamonds for invested meat/iron for leveling her up plus some lost emblems

third option: give to all Telluria owners option to choose any HOTM they want by giving them lets call it “special hero token” (activated by double click and placing full name of hero)

Thank you in advance and have a good day !!


Hiya, given that SGG not players know the final degree of balance changing that will be going down, the degree of compensation cannot be determined.

Additionally, given the recent state of the initial Announcment Discussion Thread, I cannot see this thread or this topic being productive.

Lets just:
A) wait and see what the balance change ends up being and
B) wait and see if SGG make an announcement of some kind…

Remember, balance changes aren’t happening until June per @Petri statement in the initial Announcement Discussion Thread.


Hello I no there is already topic abt nerf exact details about nerf and stats but there is no more area to post about reimbursement or compensation that was invested.

If considered “OFF TOPIC” everywhere how can we post and discuss this issue???

This is not free game and paying customers are explain to come here in game for help. Please discontinue closing threads and block legitimate Qs about refund or compensation.

@dan7 Hello Yes I understand your point of view but in that case this thread not for you this is area for people to ask and receive feedback, suggestion, answers about this topic of compensation.

we are paying customers we pay and then what we buy is removed that is not normal and should not be accepted.

if you are not feeling this way, that is good for you but some people do feel this way and they need area to disucss this topic.

@Ender_BattleSchool there are rules and laws about how company advertise they not allowed to do this advertise one and then change to something else this is called “Bait and Switch” and not allowed in my country USA. Sorry I can not reply to below bcz limit my number of post, sorry abt that.

@Gallowspider hello please read more careful this is not about nerf this is about compensation currently there is no area allowed to discuss this topic.

@Dan7 hello sorry i am not able to reply normal bcz post limit have to wait


I have Telluria. I leveled her up. While I wasn’t around for previous balance/game changes, I knew it was a possibility.

I don’t need nor want compensation. The need to balance the game is greater than my own personal greed or selfishness. Wish others would feel the same.


Im refused any change from any hero… If they do this thing i will stop charge jewels

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About 37% of the posts in that thread discuss this. I assume this thread will be merged shortly…though…why would I want a refund?, even with the nerf I think Vela is a great hero and gave her my scopes today in prep for Titan and Events.

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My expectation (which could be wrong) is that there will be no compensation, however I also expect the final nerf (which is not yet decided) will not bite nearly so hard as it looks right now. I think Telly will still be a top-tier tank that can still stand in the top 100 leaderboard, yet nerfed enough that she’s not the only one up there. Previously nerfed heroes are still among the very best (Guinevere, Athena, Boldtusk).

I recognize that this is an idealistic answer, but as far as I see their records go, they’re petty good at pulling this off.


What are they removing? I understand they are changing how the hero works to fix an unbalanced game. You will still have same hero at same level and emblems you gave her. They are not deleting the hero from your roster


I don’t feel that telluria was in need of a nerf. I wish others felt the same. See how that works?


I certainly do see how that works! Though my feedback was pertinent to compensation (topic of this thread), yours was not…

Vela isn’t being gutted like telluria

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I guess thats a matter of perspective. They are minor adjustments in my opinion…The nerf to Avg Atomos was gutted…if they removed minions completely from Telluria AND reduced her mana…that would be gutted…This will be nothing and she will still be the most viable green tank out there…by a large margin

We already have a thread for discussing nerfs to Vela and Telluria.

No hero has been gutted yet. Some changes have been proposed; none are final.

Hard to base desire for compensation without knowing the final outcome. Not that mine changes…


This is where you are wrong. It’s 100% free. I’ve been playing for free for two years… yes… not a dime… 100% free…


okay, but that is not this case by any means. They did not bait and switch…they presented a product…the VAST majority of the community said it was broken, the stats show it is broken, so they are FIXING your product for you so that it isn’t broken. Why is okay to BUFF dozens of heroes, but not okay to nerf two? You arent screaming bait and switch about the heroes being buffed but it is the same principle. Hero needs adjusting for balance of the game. All of which was NOT your original argument of they removed something you paid for.


If nobody complains and she is re-released as is in beta she will be “gutted”. I’m all for the nerf, but the proposed one is WAY too much. Make it 24% mana reduction and call it a day. Minor tweak, let it roll for a few months. If it’s not enough, try something again then. They are just going crazy right away with this one.

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I understand that many games do provide some compensation/refund back to players if they make a major change, which if known in advance, would have altered the players’ decisions on tasks for which some kind of payment or use of in-game resources was incurred.

But what others do is provide a choice, such as keep your damaged Telluria with all its emblems, or take them off and get all the food/iron invested returned. Simply returning the emblems would not address the problem of lost resources.

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yes I said that like 6 posts ago

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