🏰 Teddy – 5* Nature / Green from Clash of Knights

This hero looks like alot of fun to take on offense.

Definitely can cheese and make a fiend/minion build to do alot of damage while most of team is zzzleeping. After killing 1/2 can just try to ghost tiles while they take constant damage. If you could somehow skip your turn without using tiles this hero would be broken lol.

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zappy tiles from super elemental and S4 counts too?

Thats a good question…if thoes break it then best to not bring super elemental or s4 heros.

Tried this, super elemental wakes them up

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Yes the elemental tiles and s4 tiles wake them.

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Eww, they need to include the zappy tiles as well.

34 damage for elemental zappy tiles
85 for S4 zappy tiles

That’s just pathetic

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Link’s slightly pudgy brother?

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Yussssss…I see the resemblance!

I was thinking the same thing. Take both a minion and fiend summoner and a sharpshooter or two to target one hero at a time.

If someone wants to see the hero in action, here it is:


This hero is absolutely garbage.

On defense, slash wakes up attackers. +70 on slash attack is really helpful?

On attack, tiles wake them up. Need extreme timing to utilize the +damage.

He does no damage.
Heal is over time.
Sleep is blocked by immunity, monk, cleric, special block prevention.

He should ghost the primary target and sleep others.
Or very fast.
Or he did instant heal.
Or do a dispell first.
Or clean his team
Or even do a 200% damage.

I let my team member attack defense with him. They even tried to intentionally make teddy fire. Still had zero issues and won all attacks.

At the moment, he’s waaay too useless.

Yes, it’s rubbish, I was happy when I got it, but I only have eyes for crying :smiling_face_with_tear:. Who tested it? he didn’t have a great IQ.

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You have a barbarian in your team? NO SLEEP FOR YOU LMAO

what about s4 heroes? S5 heroes? INSOMNIA


  • Stats increased:
    • Attack: 968 → 997
    • Defense: 968 → 997
    • Health: 1565 → 1627
  • The Special Skill now deals 180% damage to all enemies
  • Heal over time increased: 800 → 1200 HP over 4 turns
  • The hero now also deals direct damage when encountered as a boss in the Clash of Knight quest

Finally he’s viable but not sure if this is the right way. Would have preferred the sleep mechanic to be fixed. but this is still great!

Still looks underwhelming to me

Sleep is the mechanic that needs some fine tuning. Him having base damage isn’t really solving his main issue


Getting closer, but I wish it would take 2 slash attacks or a specific amount of damage like 300 to wake up the enemy.

Maybe he could have some effictiveness at tank in Rush War?

His hero card now contains the december balance updates.

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Exactly. I really think sleep should ignore any damage below 100. It’s no fun to have whole enemy team waking up because you have barbarian elemental s4 etc heroes in team

So he´s been around for a while (although a very rare hero never been featured). Does anyone have any real experience playing him?
I am thinking to use him on offense, maybe with a hit-3 to wake 3 targets up again right away with extra damage and keep 2 targets sleeping, either the 2 wings or 1 side. Should be easy enough to avoid two columns of tiles for a while and only deal with the 3 heroes that have been seriously damaged?