Team name/Display power request

Would like team name or its attack power level displayed some how when selecting preset heros for battle… let me explain

So during war, I have 6 teams of heros ready to go. They all very in attack levels such as 2572, 2209, etc. When selecting an enemy to attack I have to remember what each team strength is for what would be adequate to fight with. However all I see is team 1, team 2 etc. I tried changing team names to reflect attack strength (t2572) but discovered it doesnt change the team 1 tag. Therefore if there was a way to see attack strength of its actual tag name, that would be very very helpful.

Or perhaps add a display on each hero info. Like if you select the ? mark it would say bane is in team 1(t2572) or team1 attack power 2572.

Please help get this off the floor fellow members :slight_smile:

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