TC 20 not delivering - MASTER TC20 Vent Thread

Mine TC20 delivered today. Like a boss.


I have been running one TC20 nonstop since August 2019. I always collect right away.

My drop rate has been 7 five-star heroes from 105 pulls = 6.67% drop rate.

I’d say TC20 is delivering. (Wish I could say that about other summons; 0 in Atlantis; 0 Event; 0 Seasonal…but I do have 3 HOTM’s.)

*And, as a ironic side note, Dawa was my last 3 star Season 1 to collect to complete the set.

I stopped running mine after 6 months of only getting 1 5* on the 3rd month.
I also only run rc11’s with the odd 19 and 2

My misses on the otherhand has been running for a month now and has received 4x5* from it and just started on her 2nd tc last week.

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I keep 1 running just to store food. I keep 2 TC11 to store recruits, and 1 TC2 for feeders

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I had over 100 pulls stored in a tc20, but accidentally pulled out 30 (hit it instead of my TC 11, and had to then fill my hero storage).

In that I got 0 5*, 3 4*, 27 3*

I’ll post finished results when I finally empty it, just to see how it stacks up compared to others data.

This thread doesn’t deal so much with results but is more about complaining.

This thread below is the better spot to post results:


I can share data AND complain.

The thread is “TC20 is not delivering.” Therefore I can share my own experience with it delivering or not as I see fit, and that includes my empirical data.

Sure, by all means… You’re free to do that.

Just figured that if you were wanting to “see how it stacks up compared to others data” it might be worth having a look/ posting in the thread that actually does that :wink:

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I apologize if I came off as a donkey. Lol

It’s all going to be a complaint at the end of pulls. The data just makes me feel less a whiner.

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+67 days 3 tc20s running non stop and no 5* was my worst experience , rhey will start producing smthng soon or later the problem is when…i got more than 8 5* only during february and like more than 10 others during 2 years from kamps lol

The same thing I am expressing repeatedly but @JonahTheBard not understanding this is due to some program error even though it will not create any problems for the ply but 5* heroes will get only some people, those who can have resided Near to the programers residence

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40 consecutive days pulling only 3* heroes from my TC20, bad luck or what?:thinking::unamused::sob:

Just bad luck, my friend. Maybe start a new account? Whatever you do, don’t spend money, you do get lots for it but the bad luck still comes.

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I went over 100 pulls without the first 5*

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Relocated TC can help. Just keep relocating every time you get 5*. It works for me all the time. I get around 2-4 5* heroes every months

Good luck!


Yes I don’t spend money cuz I know probably i’ll not be happy, I always try to spend my gems and coins, I think my TC got Corona virus lol


Hmmm🤔… interesting, i’ll try this, only 3* in 40 isn’t common, this never happened, it seems the game want to see my money, but i’m not willing to spend 1 cent knowing probably i’ll get another 3*, thanks for the tip😉

I’m getting tired waiting a purple 5*, almost 1 year playing and nothing :unamused:

I have run 77 TC20. I have 74 3*, 1 dupe Sonya, 1 dupe Skittleskull, and Vivica. Vivica would be great, but I already have four of her.

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Just bad luck i think . I have been running TC 20 for three weeks or a month .It gave me three stars but i received good heroes too like

Melendor, Kash ( dupes ) , Justice , Cyprian and Kiril (my new lovely acquisition)

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