TC 20 not delivering - MASTER TC20 Vent Thread

I had three tc20 going for well over two months. In that time, I pulled 1 five star hero. That’s conservatively 0.87%. Is my luck really that bad or has anyone else had the same issue? People within my alliance say their camps are about on par with the averages. I have since cut back to one and I’m about to end that in the next day or so. I did need the 47th dawa pretty bad so I’m thankful for that. Also while I’m venting, could the alchemy lab be any more of a joke? Why can I not use 1* items to make other 1* items that I actually need, like adventurer kits. I will never use 17,000 common herbs. If you’re going to charge 3million iron just to research something, at least make it beneficial to the player. SG truly screwed the pooch on that one and it needs to be fixed.


GRATZ on the Dawa. These TC20s are just like everthing else and is hit or miss, stick with it it will pan out. ReallyNotGood is whats wrong with the luck. Or it could be Really Not Giving


I did now way over 500 pulls. I was writing down till 500 and had around 6-7%. And between that there were some dry months. With some patience you will get your 5*. But getting one particular 5* is still a rare occurrence. Don’t bet on that.


You also have to remember each one is separate as far as odds go. You can’t say you have 3 and did 200 pulls and have it mean the same as doing 200 pulls in 1 TC20.

3 TC 20’s for 2 months.

Roughly 30ish pulls each. Not enough to give good statistics on.


We have a few that track TC 20 results. I was just about to write a post asking the same. We are certain that it had been nerfed. All the accounts we track have a 0.86% drop rate since the SH 21 update. Before that it was between 6-8% with a low of 4.8% for one person.

On my main account I run 4 x TC20 in the hope for a 2nd Viv in case I get her costume. Past 123 pulls I got one 5*

We also note the TC Camp Number (1 to 4). Pre-update it was very clear that certain camps performed better. That said, when you run 3 or 4 with these results on many accounts it starts to raise some eyebrows.


Like you said each pull is independent of itself. So the quantity of camps has no bearing. It’s the quantity of pulls. With over 110 pulls, statistically I should have at least 2.

Good to know I’m not the only one seeing a disparity.

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I have member in my alliance who just started tc20 and got 2x 5* s on her first 2 pulls and in the process of her 3rd now…So her percentage so far is 100% for 5* s, lol.


Nope. With over 1000 pulls, statistically you should have at least 0.

There is never an accumulated 100%. Random will random.


It does have a bearing.

TC1 - 30ish pulls
TC2 - 30ish pulls
TC3 - 30ish pulls

There are numerous threads stating people had well over 30 pulls before a 5* came out on 1 TC. That is what you are seeing.

For each TC you have a 3* %, 4*%, 5*%. Total pulls for 3 TCs don’t have anything to do with your TC averages.

Like I said your TC pulls are a very small sample size and it has been proven over time the %'s hold true. It is RNG so it is not guaranteed that you will always have a certain % over X amount of pulls…

Good streaks and bad streaks happen like in summons, raiding, and every other aspect of the game.

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There’s no guarantee, it’s just luck like any other pull. At least with tc20 you’re only spending farmable items to do your summons.


I had 3 TC 20 as well. I gave up to one 2 months ago, because I don’t really need them since I got from them almost all the classics (Lianna still don’t wanna come; instead I got 5 Elk). I was posting in other thread how I got a 5* at every 2 days (for a while). I didn’t really count them, but this year, with what I have and what I sacrificed, I pulled over 40 legendaries from TC.

Btw, I made them spawn in the same second. In that very second, whatever the chance (in percentage) is from the server for a 5*, that chance is x3. Or maybe all this year was a coincidence and I’m extremely lucky :rofl:

P.S. To make the camps to spawn in the same second, you should keep your eyes upon a watch in the last 2 minutes, at the first camp. When 2 changes to 1, see what second is on watch. When 1 changes to 0, check that out again. Ready at second camp and press “train” at that second on the watch. Do this with 3rd camp after that. Let me know what will happen in the next 2-3 months. After I taught my co-leader what to do, he pulled around 20 legendaries since March. Before that, he had 2 legendaries in one year. Oh, well…

We demand an in-depth tutorial, bullet point instructions and a video in slow motion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:


Within 1 of what you are expecting is hardly not delivering

Just delivered :rofl: Seriously, I play only since August last year and I sacrificed already over 20 legendaries. I still have a lots of them (search for the tread “do you have hero dump”). And those are from TC, because I am not a big spender (only VIP and the small offers at events). Besides I am very unlucky at summoning (still crying for Kingston).

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Hehe. Will try it for sure! Love these interesting tricks / myths.
If only there was a trick for summons. I need therapy after my disappointment / heartbreak for not getting Miki. I don’t chase heroes as there will always be a next must have. Imho there are only a few must have and Mki is one of them.
300 Pulls got me 2 Legendary and 400 since my last HoTM which was Margaret. I got seven of her lol. I hope the Academy will let us trade in heroes.
Thank you for the info, will point our members to it!

As said above, just have patience! My first TC20 went 47 pulls before a 5* showed up.

But, a few months ago, while running 2 full time, I pulled 12 5*s in 10 weeks. After months of a drought!

A lot of this game would be less frustrating for a bulk of the population if one tempered expectations. If you only expect a 3* from your TC 20s then the occasional 4* and rare 5* will be a welcome surprise.

Get it Dibjorno…since people are calling dibs/expecting 5*s to pour out of TC20


This whole game in general is all about testing your own expectations everyday.

You can Go in expecting great things to happen quickly and reach top ranks fast and be a disappointed and frustrated player daily OR you could just simply go in to have fun and just do things as they come up without actually expecting anything and you will be a far happier player.

In reality it’s not the game that is frustrating, It’s only how you perceive it that is frustrating.

Just think of tc20 like this, you use a few items for a chance of a 5* every 2 days which really cost you nothing at all other than a bit of time OR do a 300 gems summons every 2 days for the same chance at the same heroes which will end up costing you a fortune. Either way the odds are pretty much the same.

Have fun.


I had to go to about 35 pulls before tc20 gave any 5*. I collected singles up till about 20 then started running 3 tc20 and collected in groups. My first group collection had 3 5*. After that I collected every 30x 10 in each and got 3 5s each time but one where I only got 2. My drop rate was around 7%. Unfortunately in my last collection I got nothing which dropped me to 5% But I am happy. I would love sartana, marjana, Leo and elk but I’m happy with who I have. That last collection wasn’t a total loss since I got kashrek 2x which finally gave me all of the s1 4*. If I could get Wilbur I’d have all the good s2 4 too.

And like the poster above said, each pull saves 300 gems. 30x is 9000 gems or even at 8400 its still a lot I saved. My portal summons suck only joon and that took 8 months then I got lucky with mitsuko but that’s it in 16 months. No hotm either but Kingston is going to change that…right Kingston?