Talents and top alliances

Really curious to know from people like @Anchor, @Xero786, @Uclapack, @Dator, @Kerridoc or @Wharflord what they want to do about war.

As centrals in top alliances are pretty much the same for every player, would you guys decide all togheter a hero that all of you must upgrade first or let single people decide for themselfs?

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It looks like talents have been removed from Alliance Wars, so I guess no change.

Oh, that sucks. Sounds like a bug.
You sure it was talented before war? Maybe it needs to be effective before matchmaking?

Nearly sure - the chat message about the first successful talent application came 5 hours ago and war started 4 hours ago - so quite close. Did talents work at Alliance Wars at Beta?

Besides the betas before aw, i don’t believe there were wars in any of the recent betas. I could be wrong.

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One of my alliance mates has a +1 Azlar showing on our battlefield now.
Boosted him around 18hours before war began IIRC

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Topic was derailed a bit but seems legit.
Probably a talent that occur “after” can’t be updated and change an already placed war team.

Is it intended @mhalttu?

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Without saying anything about what 7DF is planning, I do think it’s important for an alliance to reach a collective decision about an emblem strategy. How the alliance’s goals translate into individual choices is harder and depends a lot on what those goals are (titans? War defenses? War offenses? Sorcery and evil pentagrams prohibited?).


@Elpis Interesting question. We haven’t yet discussed an emblem policy in King of the North, but I expect it to be a topic in the time to come

Sorry to not mention you earlier @Julia!

I guess i still connect you to kings of the north, not registered the other name :grin:

Edit: wait… is it that again??

Evil pentagrams :joy: :joy:

Thanks for that


@Elpis We are still King of the North, but have name changes for war once in while, just for fun :joy::joy:

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Ditto to what Kerridoc said. Just as with titan policy and existing war policy, it is important for alliances to come to a unified decision about how they will use their emblems. If the members care intensely about war, it makes sense to level up your defense teams. That, however, could lock in people’s teams and make it difficult to change as they acquire new and better heroes. On the other hand, everyone’s roster is a bit different so it could be optimal to let everyone decide the best allocation of their talents.

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The talent system has essentially ruined any kind of variety my alliance can use… we are now deciding which color tank we want to use permanently and it’s utter chaos. It’s also put a damper on the fun cause we were just getting to a point that we could actually play around with different color tanks and team compositions. Oh well I guess we should just save our emblems for a year or two and then decide, sooo awesome!

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There’s 10 classes and only 5 colors. That makes ideally 2 heroes per color, better if heroes that can both put up a good defence and make damage against titans (possibly even 13 and 14 stars), or 5 good heroes for defence and 5 for attack.
So i don’t really see the problem if we talk about colors.

I see problems if top alliances want a specific hero for all (call it Guinevre, Gravemaker, Ares or anyone else)
That could bring trouble to obtimally pick all the other classes for the players that has less bench.

It’s only one hero, but we saw for now that choice influence a very long time.
And it’s even possible to ask to upgrade 2 heroes instead of one and see which one could be better.

@Moofy Right now I can’t see how the new classes is changing anything. Look at the strongest tanks options in the alli for the best color for your tanks for aw. That will most often be yellow or red

I don’t know if some Alliances will do that, but I can’t imagine that I will ever expect members to have very specific heroes and even enchanted with emblems in a certain way.
Maybe that will be the far out future, but then I will probably retire as leader of a top alliance.


I don’t know if we are even counted in for a top alliance, but we are often hanging out in top 5 :joy:

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