SUPERTORD and Pandas Recruiting Ad

Hello Everyone! :slight_smile:

We are International, English speaking, active and competitive alliance who are looking for a few more Pandas to join us.

We are offering:

  • Friendly and chatty environment
  • Experienced core of active members who are available for advises if needed
  • Non stop 14*s
  • Competitive but NOT mandatory FFA wars

We are looking for:

  • Friendly and active experienced members
  • Titans are mandatory
  • Wars are optional but if opted in - Six well prepared war teams (CYOM preferred)
  • Level 23+ rainbow mana/magic troops

We currently have 5 spots open. Join us and bring a friend(s)

Contact us for more info on Line - supertord79


Three remaining spots. Anyone, who is interested and covers what is written above, can join us after war :slight_smile:

2 spots open. Check out the “requirements” and apply :slight_smile:

Currently full but 2 spots will be open after the Alliance Quest is over.

Check out the requirements and apply or message us in Line. :slight_smile:

5 spots open. Check out OP and apply if interested. Bring a friend :slight_smile:

3 spots after war. Check us out.

Two spots open. Check out OP and apply if interested.

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One spot open again. Check out the OP and apply if interested.

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