Summoning Dilema

Hello there! I managed to get around 20 challange coins .
Up to this 20 coins there are 20 more that are going to be added from the POV milestone.
I plan to purchase challange event offer coins .
So, my doubt is if missing telluria and start stockpiling coins and gems to try hard for Hansel would be a good idea
If im not wrong hes in the challange event that follows to pirates.

The good thing about Telluria is that she has synergy with my vela and with grazul or JF heroes that i have .

But i could make tons of summonings and still not get her …

The fact is that theres nothing that im interested in , in the pirate event (yeah , some 5* are fine but its so hard to get them…Im aiming to getting event 4* stars better)

Besides i could try to get Telluria on costume chamber or Atlantis while i try to get wilbur(my only missing Atlantis 4*)

Should i stockpile coins ?

Thanks !

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You cannot use your saved summon tokens on Challenge Events, only on Seasonal Events. There won’t be a seasonal event during March, so they won’t help you land Telluria.

If you are talking about Challenge coins, use them during Fables if you want Hansel. Personally, I’ll be trying like blazes to land Finley’s and Locke to complete my Pirates collection.

For Telluria, you’ll have 12 hours at the end of the Valhalla portal, plus all of Atlantis

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Hansel is actually available in the challenge event after the challenge event after Pirates.

February - Avalon
March - Pirates
April - Riddles of Wonderland
May - Fables of Grimforest (which features Hansel & Gretel among others)

If you want to try and draw for Telluria with coins & keys, then yes your best option would be to draw at the costume event on the 3rd Monday of March and at Atlantis 1st Thursday - Sunday of March (next weekend).

Costumes for 4* heroes like Rigard are excellent so it would be worth your while and Atlantis 4* heroes like Proteus and Wilbur are staples of a solid roster so you would have no regrets trying for them.

But overall I would suggest go in expecting Dawa & Renfeld so you can be pleasantly surprised as opposed to bitterly disappointed.

Edit: what @NPNKY said if you were referring to silver summon tokens or gold Epic Hero Tokens

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I didnt talk about tokens in any moment.
I said coins and Keys and gems


Gladly im only missing tibertus and Melendor costume.
Then if a 5* costume comes its a pleassure.

I already have proteus . Only missing wilbur

I have never said tokens .
I always said coins (event ones)

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It’s because people refer to the tokens as coins as well in some circles.

There was some missing clarity in your original post since you just said coins instead of specifying “challenge coins”, “Atlantis coins”, “costume keys”.

Both @NPNKY & my edit were just to cover that possibility if there was a misunderstanding.

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Ah ok ! I Will edit.

I refered to challange coins.

Done !


Hansel is a couple moths out, but you could hold off till then.

Pirates will be up with Telluria and may want to try for that for a few reasons.

  1. Chance at Finley…the destroyer of worlds.
  2. Chance at Locke and Kerstrel who are both pretty good.
  3. You will probably get Vodnik who is a top blue for tournaments
  4. Chance at Petters, who is much like Hansel. Same color, same speed they just work a little differently.

I’m not summon for Piriates for the reasons you said. I also agree with you that 4’s are obtainable and 5’s have very low odds. My coins are going for Hansel.

Does that really help help you, though? Who knows? :rofl:

I had considered peters before, he is the only hero that could lean the balance to the pirate’s side.
Altough peters’ silence works totally different from Hansel mana control ability its still useful.

The hard thing , at least for me , is waiting, if i know that others are doing the same i feel coragerous enough to not burn all my resources (event coins e.g)
Thanks for replying!

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I use Peter’s and hansel both extensively. Peter’s hits sneakily harder than hansel but hansel special give much more control of the board. However with a chance to get finley and telluria, either of those heroes benefit your bench in so many ways. Hansel is my favorite green 4 star by far but finley is my favorite blue hitter. I dont feel like you lose out either way maybe split the pulls between both?


That’s a good idea.

Or, @TheWizard, if you’re determined not to summon for Pirates, try for Telluria during Valhalla, Atlantis or the Costume event

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The good thing about going all to Hansel is that the odds to getting him are increased.
I saw your videos and what you can do with Hansel, and believe me i want It more than any 5*.
But if you tell me that peters is some way the same good i keep doing as i usually do.
I mean purchasing some challange coins from cheap offers , from completing the event , the POV and then if rng goes with me maybe i can get peters and in a few months Hansel too .

Thanks !

No problem at all good luck on your pulls :slight_smile:

Are you sure?
In calendar Springvale will appear in March-April.

  1. Valhalla portal during 12 hours Telluria available
  2. Atlantis (Featured: Aeron, Anzogh, Inari, Ursena)
  3. Pirate (we can ignore this, keep challange coins stock)
  4. Costume portal (Featured: Elena & Quintus)
  5. Springvale (if there are new heroes, I will do some try with EHT)
  6. Valhalla portal end of March

Based on those… IMO, I will try in Valhalla portal hard 1st priority.

I do not have any of Pirate heroes including Peter and Vodnik!, I think last time I only pull small of coins.
I have 2x Hansel and both maxed, he is very good and key heroes for my war teams, since 80% of our opponent are blue-tank. And in raid some time I bring both for fun.

EDIT: @TheWizard add no.6 which is also Valhalla in march is Telluria of course :sweat_smile:


Between the 2, Id give Hansel the edge. However, there are circumstances where Peters is the better choice.

Hansel is also my favorite green 4*. Unfortunately, he sits on the bench more than anything these days. I still have a second one I just knew I would level some day…but so far that day hasn’t come.

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