[Suggestion] Iron Storage / Production

[Suggestion] Iron Storage / Production

Stronghold 1-20 allows you to work on 5x Iron storage and 4x mines at a time so you do not run into problems with total iron capacity and losing iron production.

Starting suggestions

Make one, or all, of the following changes to Iron Storage and Mines

Increase Stronghold’s innate storage ( 10 k iron, 10 k food, 30 recruits) each time the Stronghold levels. You could just use the same stat curve as iron storage and advanced iron storage.

Add iron production to Stronghold 21. You could use the same stat curve for Advanced Mine.

Instead of adding iron production to Stronghold, add iron BUNDLE production to stronghold. Use the base stat curve for mines, but reduce the amount by 80% and produce 10k iron BUNDLES ( see Beta Path of Valor ) this would help with the complex, unfriendly, punitive design of Advanced Iron Storage.

Watchtower produces Y% of iron as 10K iron BUNDLES.

Advanced mines produce X% of iron as 10k iron BUNDLES.

Add iron storage ( not production storage capacity. see Advanced House for difference ) to Watchtower. This would also encourage leveling Watchtower. You could just use the same stat curve as iron storage.

Mines still produce while being updated. You could limit the percentage of production. 5% per Stronghold level.

All Advanced iron storage unlocks at Stronghold 21. You could limit the Advanced iron storage maximum level at each Stronghold level.

Mobile game

You can unlock Legendary training ( RT20 ) and Super mana potion ( 100% mana ) without maximum buildings. The trend of Advanced Buildings to require a spreadsheet and maximum buildings to unlock everything for a mobile game is very disturbing.

I like the suggestions but how about we start easy. Just make the mines produce the same amouny of iron as the farms and the stores hold the same amouny. There’s obviously no room to add more mines and there would be a revolt if there were less farms and more mines. But, despite what I see a lot of people saying, there is a huge disparity between iron and food. Now with all these advanced buildings and items the disparity becomes more stark.

Another thought would be conversion. Put a function on the mines, farms and storages that allows players to switch between them.

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