Strange mystic vision

Just saw new mv thought it was funny as I was watching Triton, sumitomo, melia and 2 others I forget attack the Halloween heroes yet no pumpkins. I laughed at it thinking about the irony until it came up with the name and it wasn’t EP. It was rune combat puzzle quest or something. The video is exact EP gameplay but the stills are different heroes. It’s a new game as I know about mwars and pconguest . They’re coming after your customers SG. Give me a reason to stay in the H A. Mwars even gave me beta(seriously and I didn’t apply ). I live EP but they were first in this space , not match 3 but this exact layout. Magic and Pokemon we’re even earlier. Anyhow it’s a funny thing to see.


The amount of empires&puzzles clones puzzles me.

Yes, pun intended :laughing:
Ba dum tsssss


Lol I just saw the same ad :rofl:


Was this game originally published by a small Norwegian studio called Tiny Behemoth, which was later bought out by Bazynga? I think I’ve heard of it.


wow, you weren’t kidding when you were saying sumitomo and triton etc… I thought you were talking about lookalikes… wow…

But i tried searching this game up on google play store but nothing comes up on the searches.

Which came first? I checked out another puzzle game and alchemy lab was available at lvl20. At this point EP was just releasing theirs. Is EP not also a clone?

Granted, it didnt have costumes as far as I could tell. Think it’s a base idea and everyone altering it to there needs.

EP already release Alchemy Lab a long time ago…

Let me understand it.
They literally ignored a copyright, and advertised their own game onto the same game they steal the copyright from?

At least they have guts.
Or are just stupid.

Can’t really decide.


So it is not enough to just outright re-skin a game or overlay onto a game, it’s stealing ads too for click/download bait purposes? If it is a well programmed game, you’d think they would have the ability to make their own gameplay promo video too instead of stealing others.

By the way, can’t find the app in Google app store either.

@yelnats_24 it was awhile go i did it. I play EP and saw no reason post about who was the original. Now there a post, so thought I would ask. Lol

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