🕵 Storyline – Season 4 (Voyagers of the Underwild)

All done for the month.

I missed the first dialogue at the end of province 9 tho so if anyone has it… :slight_smile:

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Here’s the first panel, hope the sizing is ok:

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Another month done, another month to continue hah


Thanks for stoop updating this @Guvnor , you are a trooper… you know, despite everything else happening in these parts now :wink:

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Province 11 - Hollow Lake's Spoiler

How surprising :smirk:


Dr. Moreau will be betrayed by Elizabeth too

that would be a funny and welcome twist!

Another month done. I do wonder if Moreau and Elizabeth are the ultimate bad evil bosses in this… Seems rather… Easy… If that’s the case.


Yeah, to surprise of absolutely no one, Dr. Moreau and Elizabeth turned evil. But I think final boss will be someone else. S2 and S3 faked out Big Bad multiple times (in S3 it was An-Windr first, then Alfrike, then Nidhogg).

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I hope this anothos is an official hero. Although it implies that he’s dead, it doesn’t really matter because baldur from S3 is considered dead but they still designed his character anyways

All updated for another month

Looks like the boring easy option is being taken for the “Big Evil” this season… :face_vomiting:


Another month complete :slight_smile:

Storyline still seems somewhat predicatble… I’m still holding out hope that MAYBE there may be a bigger bad than Dr M… Also Lizzy seems to have completely disappeared from the storyline lol…


Spiders are patient hunters.


Lidenbrock is actually supposed to be a member of the party, right? She never has any lines. :angry:

I don’t even remember her appearing at the start of the season either and her character art is never animated in the pop-ups about Underwild Summons being available.

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I have the same recollection re Lidenbrock.

thinking back to earlier seasons…

Season 2: Atomos, Inari, Mok-Arr also don’t appear in the story nor have any lines

Season 3: there are also a few who don’t get lines or appear in story, like Bera, Gefjon, Frigg - there are others I’m sure


Yes, I know that not every hero is included in the story.

I guess it was just my head canon that put her there, looking back I don’t see her. :confused:

To me she seemed like the perfect counter to Moreau. And a woman who wouldn’t purely be identified by her relationship to a man.

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