🕵 Storyline – Season 4 (Voyagers of the Underwild)

Except that you cant do that irl. You have to advance to level 15 before the next season is available.

What is with that? Elena and Vivica always seem to be the primary narrators.

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Yeah, the person plays till province 15 and skips to the next province and so on. And he didn’t play until ursena


I mean…why would they not be bothered to finish Atlantis but be bothered to finish Underwild? There’s always one I grant but most people would want to finish Atlantis for the end Mats at the very least??

Atlantis crushed my will to live and what use could 100 Atlantis coins possibly have? Im currently wasting WE on Valhalla with underpowered teams to make it a challenge.


You get 1 of every 4* mat for completing both sides. In a world where people complain about the game giving them no 4* mats there’s free one just sat there.


Really? I might just waste some WE on the next AR if it still happens.

Yes 100%. It doesn’t show as a reward but they are there. Absolutely worth finishing both sides of it.

Same thing in Valhalla and one assumes same thing in Underwild.

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Richard’s been talking a lot more now at least. And Lepiota has been quite snarky towards him lol

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Loot, loot and more loot

Until Map Season 5 drops, loot drops include Underwild tokens but not Atlantis tokens

Until that changes

Unlock Provinces 1 to 14 gives best Map Season Monthly Event ( MSME ) loot

AR.1-xN, VF.10-xN, UD.2-xN

Finish MS 4 for Underwild tokens

This is why I have summoned zero Valhalla heroes on one of my accounts


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You have not seen the Roster on some of my accounts

I am skipping Legendary Tier completion rewards for Challenge events and that is only 3x 3* ascension items

Decent heroes

I need more heroes deserving of ascension items before I need more ascension items

Hopefully upgraded Academy will give me Falcon ( chasing since introduced ), Merlin and Gretel

While LB quests should let me buff Rigard, Wu Kong, Melendor, Boril, Boldtusk, Magni, Vivica, and Frida


Chasing Falcon

([WARNING] A Summons Experience - Chasing Guardian Panther - A Warning for Chasing Heroes - #188 by Gryphonknight)


The plot thickens… BETRAYAL!!!

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One final month to go for the last part of the story!!


looking back, I always thought that Lidenbrock was Moreau’s wife.

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Omg that spider ■■■■■ is straight up dead. Ironic for a character based on a black widow killed by a male…

I can’t say I’m sad to see the end of her in the story. yes I’m petty, but I’ve lost so many times to her tanking…

of course, I’m eager to see Moreau’s final comeuppance too :wink: (even though he does not give me nearly as much trouble on raids as she does!)

I thought she would betray Moreau first. You know, black widow themed. She didn’t even do anything and is like ‘you can’t leave me. Moreau…’ like wut? She puts the real life spider to shame.
Her character pretty much went a 180. She just mysterious and conniving, like the biggest ■■■■■ and diva of s4. Then suddenly at the very end was just dependant on Moreau. Like wth.


Yeah, a shame. I would have preferred that she were the big baddie over Moreau, black widow and all!

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thanks for the spoilers and effort updating this @Guvnor ! it helps me a lot, then I won’t push myself to finish everything out of spoiler curiosity, and my desire to see Moreau get pounded into sand because he’s a smarmy ($#(($*(# :slight_smile:

…aaaand I feel a bit letdown, I agree with Fogg, can’t win em all. Agh!

How I wish Elizabeth would show up and clobber Moreau for betraying her… maybe bury him in fiends… he deserves it…


Ah, and Nemo shows up again. Truth to tell, when he appeared, I realised I’d forgotten he was there lol… can’t even remember when his last speaking line was…