Stop Blaming SG and Zynga

This is inaccurate, and irrelevant to what most people are complaining about. You just erroneously lumped everybody into one group. Let’s clear up the facts and make you a smarter person while doing it:

Yes, SG and Zynga have shown a history of periodically buffing heroes that are making a portal less desirable or nerfing problematic toxic units per their own measuring analytics. You get a certain group of people that complain about that, but it’s not the majority.

What SG hasn’t been doing in the past, and just started recently is A) releasing 2LB with extra special skills that completely changed the game, not just made units more powerful and B) huge ‘game balance’ with nerfs and buffs just scattered everywhere.

These are both recent (and proposed) changes which brought about the nospend. So no, they haven’t been doing that ‘the whole time’ and that’s what has irked people the most. Not what you think is irking people.


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Wow, dear sweet protector of whosever you imagine needing it…. In all you jibber-Jabber, you overlooked, that I called those questions naive and gave a detailed explanation about various aspects that go into the whole process……
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Cheers !

The “blame” here needs to be fairly divided between all. SG made a game that generates money. That is their business model. It proved to be wildly successful for a myriad of factors, one of which is the players spending huge amounts of money to chase the latest and greatest in a bid to be “at the top”. Now SG has intensified their “latest and greatest” and the players are rebelling.

Ok, instead of constantly assigning blame for the situation just work on how to fix it. That is a much more constructive use of your energy. Or just accept the situation and carry on playing.


SG precisa parar! Zynga why don’t you just put a stop to this Big Balance Update nonsense? All of us players are against it! Zynga is killing its own business. No one else will have the confidence to chase summons and spend money to later learn that their hero has been completely changed or ruined!


Before aether
Before costumes for costume
And before the other aether
And before the costumes
And before the emblems

Our rosters would grow just as you say.
However… "the model" as you put it, was on a different scale. For example:

In 2019 there were 35 heroes released
Last year, there were 149 + 45 costumes. (194)
The numbers are already half that this year but we have 7.5 months to go…

More content is appreciated. And if all this added new content flooding the game was balanced then the game experience would be supplemented by a thriving variety!
Profit may be lowered with balanced content, however… supplemented by a growing population versus a shrinking one. And still make millions from unique heroes rather than OP ones…

"the model" is greatly amplified…
And players who were actually here to experience the old days began to observe:

Add emblems
Add costumes
Add aether
Add a costume for the costume
Add the other aether too…

Not only has the model been amplified. But the amount of time requirements has also greatly increased…!

If the “Big Balance Update” was genuine, then older content should be brought back up!
All of it! Elevate everything that they botched and stealth nerfed in their high paced creep flood.
Variety would explode!
For a short time…

Supporting a Big Balance Update that offers a few crumbs to a few older heroes, and even attempted to flat out nerf older content that still has "metrics"…??

No thanks…


I agree stop blaming SG and Zynga as Take Two interactive actually own the game now
They are to blame

For what it’s worth, the Big Balance Update was never intended to level the playing field - from SGG’s own words, it is intended to give them design room for new heroes without having to increase the effect percentages to extremes.

Thing is, it’s still just obfuscation - smoke and mirrors - to conceal the power creep.

Next heroes they design will have, let’s say, 230% damage to all at fast. However, according to the new design philosophy, where they’re going to put more power into base stats, - they will also have about 15% more attack than the previous generation of heroes. In practice, it will result in the same numbers as a 270% to all would do in the previous (current) design philosophy - with the exception that newer heroes also have +15% defense and HP.

The new, post-Big-Balance-Update, hero design is intended to reduce new hero effectiveness against their own tier/generation of heroes, while keeping them vastly overpowered compared to anything from a year+ ago. It’s a masterpiece of predatory design.


Spot on @Eldente

And always was.
But not always… to such a degree as it is today!

More importantly, the amount of time and work we have to devote for:

Has crossed boundaries of game enjoyment into g… r… i… n… d…
and then grind some more!
Keep grinding…
For "reduced hero effectiveness"

The ratio of work to fun is…imbalanced

I think players should share blame when they beg for costumes.

Or when they jump on balance complaints,
solely as an opportunity to beat their chest and parade their inflated egos.


Os culpados são a SG and Zynga sim e bão podemos parar de reclamar!
We are all being lied to and ripped off! This Big Balance Updade lie is a deception, as it has nothing to do with balance! If the intention of balancing the game were true, SG would stop wildly launching new heroes, one more OP than the other. An example is the launch of Sneferu from season five, he will be more powerful than Khufu, and Khufu is receiving a nerf. Where’s the balance in that?
The truth about the Big Balance Update is to make existing heroes less attractive to force players to summon new heroes that SG will keep releasing and thereby taking more money from players. But that will come at a price, as there will come a point where players will abandon this game and any game released by SG.
Stop spending on this game, don’t invite more, don’t buy packages, that’s the only way SG will learn when they feel it in their pockets. I suggest that everyone make a negative record on the plays store by leaving a star and commenting on the shamelessness of this company!


Essa postagem merece ser replicada em todos os tópicos de assuntos sobre o jogo:

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stop shopping or stop complaining?
It seems the simplest of the 2 options, but it doesn’t affect free players based on fun when there is time to play
and I don’t really care about stronger event heroes
play and play as long as there is time for it

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It is illegal, and they need to be held accountable for their actions. Bait and switch. Knowingly releasing op heros out of beta testing and then going “oops sorry” is not ok. Once or twice is an oops. They have gone beyond that. I’ve lost count of the amount of heros they’ve nerfed that I’ve invested into getting.


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